Roman Empire Essay

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Roman Empire

Between 100 CE and 600 CE, the Roman empire underwent a change politically as the empire collapsed due to chaos inside it’s empire. Culturally, influence of Christianity grew. The Eastern Roman empire, Byzantines, proved to keep a continuity of the empire.

The most dramatic change that the Roman Empire had was its collapse in the late classical period. Han China and Gupta India, also struggled with a collapse in their own empires at the same time. In the year 100 CE, the Mediterranean, and majority of Europe, was in the middle of the Pax Romana. In 180 CE, Rome’s decline was viewed as a decline because of a faulty leadership and outside invasions, this was due to, lack of strong leadership. This caused Rome’s collapse to speed up. Other factors blocked it’s ability to prosper, but without effective leadership, they could not grow as an empire. As the size of the Roman Empire and its trading grew, taxes on the peasants became more difficult to overcome for the lower class. Free peasants usually fled the intimidating taxes by selling their land and becoming workers for other things. From this it led to Germanic soldiers guarding the frontiers of the empire. This caused the final injury to the empire. Germanics spread plagues which lead to population decreasing. In 476, Rome was attacked, and the Roman Empire was ended. The downfall of this is due to, in 100CE Rome had started to fall and by 476CE fell because of plagues and political changes .

Another important change to the Roman Empire during the late classical period was the growing of Christianity. The spreading of religion in the Roman Empire was similar to the spread of Buddhism in China while the Han dynasty was falling. In 100 CE,many Romans still stayed in their original religion , even though these years are after the death of Jesus. Christianity attracted poor Romans because of its teachings of class not determining your fate. This led to, Emperor Constantine converting to Christianity. From this one can infer that Christianity then spread more easily. Christianity grew to be very common. After Rome fell, the organization of the Christian church usually provided help for people in a time of political problems. This led to Christianity gaining more converters.

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