Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry Essay

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Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

Mildred Taylor has shown various forms of injustices taking place throughout the novel. All injustices shown relate back to the prejudice present in 1930s Mississippi. Taylor has shown us different situations where the blacks weren’t treated in a respectful manner or justly as justice wasn’t present which in turn didn’t allow the black race to have even the basic human rights. Taylor also presents the blacks as being those who were made to suffer in any way possible.

To create a greater affect on the reader, the author has used character’s speeches and actions to show how the white people opposed the blacks and how they would look for any excuse to take revenge. We are shown the ways in which the two races were segregated by attending separate schools. However, the schools they attended weren’t of the same status. The author describes the two schools through Cassie. To make the descriptions of the two schools have more of an effect on the reader, Taylor showed the two schools outer appearance and inner appearance, one after the other.

This would help one to detect the differences more easily. The two races should have been given equal rights to education, and therefore shouldn’t have been treated unequally. Due to the schools’ boards being of the white race, they had the upper hand and because they were the ones in authority, they were to decide what the schools were to be given. Therefore, in order for the school board to treat the opposing race in the same manner as the other whites did, they didn’t find anything wrong in it. Rather, they saw it as the custom at the time.

By being shown such hatred in the school boards thoughts, we are able to see the real reasons behind the two schools being given different facilities. This allows the reader to unravel the ways in which prejudice was clearly shown to both the youth of the black race, as well as the older generation. The author has already shown how prejudice didn’t only affect the older generation, but also the youth. In reference to this, Mildred also shows how Cassie speaks of how the long journey to school didn’t have a pleasant end; instead it was described as being a ‘dismal end.

‘ The author used the word ‘dismal’ to create a greater effect on the reader, so they would see how Cassie saw the school as being one of poor standard. From this we see how even the youth of the black race were aware of the quality of the school they attended in comparison to the one attended by the whites. By seeing that Cassie saw it as a ‘dismal end,’ we are able to see the way that prejudice was evidently seen through the eyes of a nine-year-old child.

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