Roles, Responsibilities and Skills of Sport Coaches

As an active participator in sport there are individuals that have passed training and are certified in providing sports people a high level of guidance to potentially improve their performance and are most commonly referred to as coaches. A coach will interconnect many specific characteristics and personality traits that will compliment how they perform and deliver as a coach. The United Kingdom Coaching Strategy describes the role of the sports coach as one that “enables the athlete to achieve levels of performance to a degree that may not have been possible if left to his/her own endeavours”.

The major roles of sport coaches include: Presenting as a role model coaches are perceived as an inspiration to athletes and athletes often imitate their behaviour. Coaches need to take particular care and attention to how to behave whilst in presence of athletes and also when off-duty. Educate and teach teaching athletes the necessary skills in an understandable manner and the suitable kit and equipment for selected sport.

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Be a leader successful leaders would need to maintain the motivation of athletes when in training sessions, competitions etc.

Be a friend throughout the time spent working with athletes, coaches create a more personal relationship where athletes can discuss problems and situations good and bad with this trusted friend. Keeping personal information confidential is of vital importance in order to maintain respect as a friend and coach. With attention to these specific roles, sports coaches must remember that each athlete will acquire skills and develop differently, and that each athlete is unique.

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Coaches have the liability of the athletes under their supervision, however certain parties have a much higher expectation for coaches, which is unfair.

Taking part in sport should be for the enjoyment that it brings to participators and spectators and to that extend coaches should not be imposed upon with unnecessary responsibilities. For the basis of a responsible coach they should: Have good knowledge on health and safety the health and safety of the players under the coaches care are of paramount importance. First aid facilities should be always available and a way in which emergency services can be contacted, only if essential.

Provide equal opportunities coaches require an open mind and provide the same chance for every player in the team in accordance to the selection process for teams. Coaches should teach the team as a whole and not give one-to-one sessions within the training period. Technical and tactic ensuring that all the players of the team are learning and developing the technical and tactical aspect of the sport which consequently improves players performance for the future Educate anecdotes from previous experience is an approach to educate the players, short stories and demonstrations will make an impression and endure in the minds of players.

Advising the players on what choice they would have made given it was they in the situation. Consistency of drills will help the players expertise when in the situation. Coaches should require excellence from their players and not perfection. Sport coaches are required to be skilful in order to help improve the players of the coaching sessions. Three main skills that are important to coaches are: Communication in any sport good effective communication is vital. Coaches especially need to focus on practical communication skills; speaking clearing to others is a key part whilst the other part is listening to the input of other players.

This is a consistent skill that needs addressed on and off the pitch, whilst training or competing coaches will need to clearly explain what he requires of players and ensures they understand, whilst if a player personally discusses matters with the coach, they need to listen to him or her in order to determine what to respond. Team talks are important to keep everyone involved in the team alert and aware of the comings and goings, therefore the coach may need to project their voice as well as being confident to get their message across.

Organisation in order for coaches to enhance and further their team, organisation skills need considered. Success cannot be gained if sessions have not be thought over or planned. If coaches dont follow this, the team will not have any goals to reach for the session meaning that motivation may not be in tact of the players. Not all plans will be ideal so the coach should throughout the session be considering alternations or by introducing new ideas or theories. Time management efficient time keeping of coaches own time and their players needs priority.

With regards to training sessions, events or competitions the coach needs to organise where players need to be at certain times. For example, away matches, coaches must ensure team players arrive promptly providing enough time left for them to have a sufficient warm up and ready for the game. Actual training sessions may vary due to the intensity of them or if the coach believes the players have reached their potential. It does not appear simple and straightforward for coaches so its fair to suggest they receive help and support from other coaches, players and associates within the club to delegate some responsibilities to.

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Roles, Responsibilities and Skills of Sport Coaches

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