Roles of Teacher in the Eye of Islam Essay

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Roles of Teacher in the Eye of Islam

Teachers are the heirs of Nabi Muhammad, to spread the knowledge after the loss of the prophet. Basically, in Islam, teachers need to tell the society about the knowledge, guide those who are lost, and help those who want to be back on the right track. And actually all Muslims are teachers, because it is our role to spread even the slightest knowledge to others.

•As an exemplars to the students. Imam Zeinul-abidin says, “The right of your instructor is dignifying him and committing to solemnity in theirclasses and good listening and attending. You should provide for your instructor with mental presence and conceptual attendance and heart retaining and sight propinquity. The way of all these is laxness of desires and confine of lusts. You must understand that you are the emissary of what you have been received to the ignorant you may meet. Then, you should convey properly and never breach the mission if you should perform.”

•Love their pupil and guard them against harm. Abu Abbas said, “The most respectful -for me- is my student who leaves all people to come to me. I protect him to the degree that I exert my efforts for preventing even the flies from reaching him.”

•Concern about the knowledge and leave out the useless matter. Shaqiq al-Belkhi asked his student, Hatem al-Asem about the questions he had learned. “How long have you been with me?” asked the teacher. “They have been thirty three years,” answered the student. “What have you learned all these years?” asked the teacher. “I have learnt eight questions,” replied the student. The teacher expressed his sorrow and said, “I have finished my years with you, but you have learnt eight things only!” “That is it,” expressed the student, “ I do not want to lie.” “Well,” said the teacher, “Let me hear.”

“They are the fondness of the good deeds, shoving the caprices away, decency and god-fearing, befriending the right, antagonizing the devil, adhering to obedience, leaving the humiliation of seeking earnings to people, and depending on God,” counted the student. The teacher expressed his great admiration and esteem and said, “O Hatem! God may prosper you. As I looked in the Torah, the Bible, the Psalms, and the Quran, I found these eight questions be the pivot of these Books.”

•Realize the level of each students and offer them according to their ability. They should intimate to the smart, elucidate for others, and repeat for the unintelligent.

•Treat students equally and avoid any kind of discrimination. The Prophet is reported to say, “Teachers who have three students- of different social classes- and do not treat them equally, will

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