A Minister is a politician who heads the government department and gives directions and also make decisions with other ministers that will benefit the society or even a country as a whole. A political executive is ahead of government in a clash with a chief of state.

In the Republic of South Africa, the constitution serves as the supreme law of the country. Any law or conduct inconsistent which is invalid end the obligations that impose must be fulfilled. All laws passed by Parliament or legislative body (provincial or municipality) have to meet some requirements that one laid down in it.

According to the constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996, South Africa is one sovereign democratic state with the division of power between legislative, executive, and judicial authorities.

South Africa has been having quite a lot of numbers when it comes to the cabinet. The Cabinet of Former President Thabo Mbeki were 26 ministers in which 10 were deputy ministers and 66 secretaries, for a total of 102 members.

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Former president Jacob Zuma’s cabinet was the highest with 35 ministers. The current president Cyril Ramaphosa has the smallest cabinets with 28 ministers.

Every country has its own government and all government that enables them to function properly. It is important that every person living in a country familiarise themselves with the government in that country and how each of the components or structures within the governments contributes to its overall function.

The aim of the Assignment is to highlight the roles of different ministers to provide a clear understanding of what each minister’s role is and also to discuss the roles of provincial and local spheres of the political executives.

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The assignment draws heavily on the roles and therefore the research is made on the constitution, textbooks, article and a book. The Following page will entail those roles of ministers and political executives, in which the first page will be roles, followed by the roles of political executives. The following will entails the conclusion and lastly the bibliography.


Minister of Education

The role of the Minister of Education is to increase the supply quality of educators. In doing so it makes sure that every school has enough educators. It is again to provide equal education opportunities to learners with disabilities. Other learners are not allowed to learn because of their disability. The minister has to ensure that every school has teaching and learning materials, such as chalkboard and computer lab for science learners. Ministers must also improve school infrastructure and makes sure that the environment is suitable for learning and teaching. For example, a school must have classes that have, chairs, tables, unbroken windows and doors. The last role a minister has is to monitor every school’s performance.

Minister of Tourism

The minister’s role is to promote and provide effective marketing resources to market our country as a tourist destination. It is to again provide training for local tour guides as some of them have no skill but passion to become tourist guides. Another role is to promote and improve growth as well as to develop the tourism sector. Minister also have to make sure that a country is safe for international and local tourists to visits, by improving security in tourist’s attractions. The last role is to manage the tourist industry with a good reputation worldwide.

Minister of Health

The minister’s role is to provide healthcare facilities such as clinics and hospitals. It is again to provide medication, treatment for HIV/AIDS and TB and also provide prevention such as, free condoms. Also, the minister must ensure the provision of specialized tertiary hospital and clinical services. It provides a strategic direction for health delivery services.

Minister of Police and Defence

The minister’s role is to provide defense equipment. Another one is to organize military exercise and training with other nations. To provide healthy and good working conditions for police officers. To provide uniform to people who work at the defense force. The last role is to make sure that a country has military people and police officers to protect the citizens of the country.

Minister of Finance

The power of a minister is to fulfill a section that requires the country to be in a stable economy. Another role is to allocate available money to various institutions and to also impose taxes. The ministers also decide on the ‘income and expenditure’ of the government. In other words, it manages the government’s financial assets. It again minister negotiates on behalf of the country with regard to international trade and financial agreements. And again makes sure that there is always available money to provide subsidies.

Minister of Energy

The role of minister, in this case, is to ensure and sustain the provision of energy for socio-economic development. It is to regulate energy industries. And again to make sure that energy resources are protected and demand is well taken care of.

Minister of Home Affairs

The minister has to make sure that the elections take place. And also has to maintain national population registers such as keeping a record of birth certificates, marriage certificates, ID’s and passports. Another role is to manage immigration in a country.

Minister of International Relations

The role of minister is to negotiate with international investors. And again minister has to draft and promote foreign policy. The ministers must also do by all means to protect the country’s supremacy. Another role is to improve railway infrastructure and also to improve relations between countries.

Minister of Science and Technology

To provide resources need to science and technology. And also to promote public interest with regard to science education. Another role is that minister must provide teaching programs for people who have an interest in using technology and also make people aware of the benefits of good technology use. The last role is to improve sanitation access and to provide good service delivery with regard to sanitation.

Minister of Rural Development

The role is to improve infrastructure of the rural areas. To increase productivity by creating job opportunities for people in rural areas. Another role can be to subside small businesses and potential upcoming entrepreneurs. And lastly to provide public goods and services in the rural areas as most of them are away from the cities or where public services are.

Minister of Transport

The role is to maintain public transports and provide provincial road networks. The minister’s role again it is to develop and draft transport policies. Another role is to make sure that there are enough inspectors to inspect and supervise road safety. And also to maintain and give out the infrastructural projects. In doing so, it creates jobs for other people. And lastly to make sure that taxi industries are well managed and they have good and save taxes to transport people.

Minister of Water and Sanitation

The minister must ensure that water resources are protected. Must provide training programs to give skills of cleaning water to other people. Another role is to provide water to communities. And also to make sure that the access to sanitation is clean and well maintained.

Minister of Government System

It is to make that there are job opportunities in communities to eliminate poverty in our societies. Another role of minister is to make sure that the infrastructures are improved. And it is also to encourage doo and effective use of the non-renewable resource we have. Minister must also improve the education and training of any sort of skills needed in the country or in the world.

The Provincial sphere of government

The executive authority of every province is vested in its premier elected by the provincial legislature and adhered to make a particular contribution in the province (Thornhill, C. 2012:29). The premier is working hand in hand with the Members of the Executive Council by firstly, communicating the provincial legislation in the province. Secondly, by organize the relevant functions of the provincial operations and its department. According to the Constitution, the role of the premier is to make sure that provincial law and policy are carried out. And again to sign the Bill and lastly to appoint commission inquiry.

The Local sphere of Government

The local government is known as the government that is nearer to the people. Basic services are delivered by the local municipalities and local ward councilors as the politicians of the communities. Local government is entrusted by the municipalities and they are required to fulfill their duties to serving the communities without any complaints. Municipalities deliver services like water and sanitation, healthcare facilities and refuge removal to the people. The role of the local municipality is first, to make sure that there is accountability in local communities. Secondly, to make sure that the citizen are secured in a safe and healthy environment. Thirdly, to make sure that the services in particular communities are allocated efficiently and on time. And lastly to promote social and economic development.


In heading up a government department, Ministers are in leadership for the effectiveness of the agencies in their portfolio. In relation to doing the work with the appointed heads of agencies, they actually carry out the government policies and make sure that the agencies meet their desired goals within their allocated budget. Every minister’s role is to seek advice from their agencies in the development of budget, policy and new legislation. They do their duties without complaining. Every ministry will have laws in which they will work under the department of it. Ministers are responsible for being present at the meetings and functions that need their special presence. They are adhered to meet delegations and to handle and they are required to travel to act on behalf of government interest or their departments. They do everything in their power to adhere and play their role in the communities or in a country as a whole.


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