Roles of a Teacher Essay

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Roles of a Teacher

To carry out professional duties and to have responsibility for an assigned class. To be responsible for the day-to-day work and management of the class and the safety and welfare of the pupils, during on-site and off-site activities. To promote the aims and objectives of the school and maintain its philosophy of education. Main duties and responsibilities To create and manage a caring, supportive, purposeful and stimulating environment which is conducive to children’s learning. To plan and prepare lessons in order to deliver the National Curriculum ensuring breadth and balance in all subjects.

To identify clear teaching objectives and learning outcomes, with appropriate challenge and high expectations. To maintain good order and discipline among the pupils, safeguarding their health and safety. To organise and manage groups or individual pupils ensuring differentiation of learning needs, reflecting all abilities. To plan opportunities to develop the social, emotional and cultural aspects of pupils’ learning. To maintain a regular system of monitoring, assessment, record-keeping and reporting of children’s progress.

To prepare appropriate records for the transfer of pupils. To ensure effective use of support staff within the classroom, including parent helpers. To participate in staff meetings as required. Contribute to the development and co-ordination of a particular area of the curriculum. To be part of a whole school team, actively involved in decision-making on the preparation and development of policies and programmes of study, teaching materials, resources, methods of teaching and pastoral arrangements.

To ensure that school policies are reflected in daily practice. To communicate and consult with parents over all aspects of their children’s education – academic, social and emotional. To liaise with outside agencies when appropriate eg. Educational Psychologist. To continue professional development, maintaining a portfolio of training undertaken. To meet with parents and appropriate agencies, to contribute positively to the education of the children concerned.

To support the Headteacher in promoting the ethos of the school. To promote the welfare of children and to support the school in safeguarding children though relevant policies and procedures. To promote equality as an integral part of the role and to treat everyone with fairness and dignity. To recognise health and safety is a responsibility of every employee, to take reasonable care of self and others and to comply with the Schools Health and Safety policy and any school-specific procedures / rules that apply to this role.

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