Role Of The Citizen On Earth Essay

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Role Of The Citizen On Earth

The role of every element on earth is indeed found in its nature and it is the same for man, but instead of functioning exclusively as humans, we intentionally bludgeon our role as defined by nature trying to be something beyond our reach, and creating more problems than nature itself can solve, calling on us to reverse our course and get back to nature. The Earth is being destroyed by human actions. Deforestation, industrial factory, nuclear industry, dam construction, the use of chemical substances and poisonous gas that pollute the environment and are harmful to the ozone layer, mining, and so on are the dangers that the Earth is facing.

Humans are who cause the problems, but they are also who find the solutions. Therefore, the destiny of the Earth is shaped by everyone. If we want to make a difference on the Earth and lead the Earth to the peace and happiness, we need to start now. A citizen could be described as an individual who is born into a country or acquires it through naturalization, which connotes the fact that it is your paternal right to contribute meaningfully towards the development of that nation or country. As far as this true, the context of this essay will enlighten as well as portray the impact and role that I have played as a universal citizen of our beautiful mother earth which is currently faced with environmental destruction, resource depletion, wars, conflicts, poverty among others.

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