Role of Technology in Electronic and Digital Media

The world we live in is every altering around us, it is a wonder we can even stay up to date with the technical advances that are happening. All over we look there are cellular phone, computer systems, tablets, cellular phones, hand-held video games gamers, and much more. In the 21st century lots of individuals do not understand how it was a hundred or more years earlier. Over the years media has actually grown in a remarkable method, however one thing has stayed the same; the method it can influence many individuals all over the world.

Technology in society such as papers, television, movies, photography, and others, contribute in society by binding big audiences culturally but also enhances cultural fragmentation (Vivian, ch.13, p. 1). Media in society can influence thoughts and beliefs in the audiences. It can likewise influence the method people act and discover. Vivian says in chapter 13, “Mass messages are substantial in assisting children learn society’s expectations.” Prior to television was invented the primary method a toddler would find out was through the moms and dads teaching them in the house.

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With the advance of innovation, the primary way a kid discovers has altered. Lots of children discover through television and interactions on a computer system. Vivian also said in chapter 13 that a kid’s way of finding out expands to consist of the mass media such as Sesame Street. These types of shows impart beliefs, values, and have more influence on a kid then what the parents or teachers at school can have (Vivian, ch.

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13, p. 4). Mass media not only can have an effect on a kid’s knowing, however it likewise influences grownups in the way they think and act. When a political project remains in movement the mass media will post photos that depict what they desire one to see and think. Catchy mottos will accompany these images to impart the idea of a fantastic leader. Mass media will focus on just one side of a possible leader, trying to make the general public think that if the votes are for this prospect only good will come, or the reverse; bad will follow. Other ways the media uses technology is through marketing on tv, radio, and sending out flyers. All of these tactics affect what a person believes about the candidate, whether it is all real.

They do the same tactics with much of the news from around the world. People believe what they see and hear through the media, without ever thinking that it most likely not the whole story. Digital technology in the electronic media also influences the thoughts of the viewers. Movies, music, video games, and even books are all rated based on the content. Movies have a rating of either NC-17 for no one 17 and under admitted, R for restricted. Children under 17 require accompanying parent or adult guardian, PG-13 for parents strongly cautioned, PG for parental guidance suggested, or G for general audiences (MPAOA, 2013). All of these ratings influence what people think the content of the movie will be, even before they see the movie or hear any reviews. These ratings influence parents on their decisions on whether or not their children will be allowed to see the movie. Similar ratings are set for music and video games too. If a rating of R or NC-17 is on a movie or music album the sale of such item is prohibited to a minor. From when television first came into many homes in the early 1950’s to the 21st century, one thing has not changed; mass media can influence people al l over the world. Media has grown in a way that many did not expect. In the late 1920’s the mass media would use the radio to get messages across to many people. That was the way to inform the public of the news from around the world and keep them informed. Because this was one of the primary ways to reach many in a short time span, this was what many people listened to and believed what news they heard. Television came out in the late 1950’s and many people turned to it to receive their news updates; again the media could reach a large audience in a short time span. The views again took the word of the television programing and shows and believed what they were watching and seeing. In the 21st century there are many ways to hear, see, and read the news. One can know instantly through the use of their cell phone what news is happening, what movies are being released, what new music is being released, and just about anything one could want to know. Even through the use of all these technological advances one thing stands firm and will forever be unchanged; the mass media will use technology to reach many people and influence their daily thoughts, beliefs, plans, and life.

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Role of Technology in Electronic and Digital Media

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