Role of Teacher in the Education Essay

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Role of Teacher in the Education

There is one old saying that, “what you are today depends on what you have learned in past”. Your education has a very important role in your mental and physical development. So it is very crucial to have a proper education, i.e. learning in your life at proper time. An education is an informative process but when you want to learn something than its required an effort from both side, from the person from whom you are learning, and also from the person who is learning. The learning process start from home, and it got shape and direction in the school, from your teacher. When a child got admitted in the school, he or she is like a blank board, what teacher writes on it, helps a lot to develop his or her personality.

Whatever will be written on the board will be reflected throughout his or her life of. When you put your child in any school you always expect to get him out as a better person with good conduct and virtues because everybody knows that teachers are not there mere to give an education, but there are far more responsibilities on them. They are there to create a pot from unshaped dough of clay, to give a direction to the delicate climbing plant which is ready to turn in any of the direction you mold. So it is something we can say for teachers, “A teacher can provide, or ruin an atmosphere conducive to learning”.

School is considered as a second home for children; hence teacher has a second most important role in their lives after their parents. So children see them as their role model, they like to imitate what teacher do, like to follow them. So certainly teacher is the one who has greater influence in development of child. I remember one incidence when I was in school; there was a boy who was recently admitted and used to sit in the last bench of the class. He was little slaw in learning and even slower to maintain the concentration, was speaking very little even. He was always given punishment by most of the teachers. He also got the labels like, “dumb,” “good for nothing”, “lazy”!

After sometime teachers also stopped paying attention towards him and along with them rest of all student of the class also knowing him with the name of “dumbo”. But it did not last longer; because when the result of first exam was due, everyone was surprised that it was the boy whom they were calling the “dumbo” had got the rank in whole class. This was quite good that teacher’s comment doesn’t affect that boy much and he still managed to get rank in class, but some time the teacher’s statement becomes mater of life and death for the student, and has a considerable impact on their lives even.

Just imagine a situation, you are a small child, and you are quite weak at arranging puzzles and unfortunately your teacher really wants to get along with it, you are trying it since last so many times and you are not getting over it. One day suddenly you made it with your hard effort and it’s done! You directly run to your teacher with an expression of a glorious victory! What will be your expectation from your teacher at that time! Of course you will like the appreciation, “yes you made it my boy/girl, I like you for your hard effort”! Or maybe something like this! But I was the girl who was embellished by the words “what big thing you have done, you were trying this since last 5 times, no big deal”! I was very little to understand the sarcasm or reprimand even, but it has affected me a lot that I had stopped eating at home and also stopped paying puzzles of course!

Thank to my mom who has helped me to come out my first dis appointment of life! So here is the thing when you do not get the proper response of your effort at school than surely it will affect to your personality. You will start to lose your confidence if there is not any one to push your back up! If student will not get an appreciation which he/she really deserves than either he will be introverted or he will stop doing that thing. I can recall one incidence of my college also, when I had taken part in competition of taking lecture in my class. After my performance every students were so much confident that I will get the first price in that, but when the result came it was a surprise for all that I didn’t stand third even from 5 participants.

It affected me a lot as I had prepared so hard for that and even performed so well, but as the remaining participants were the guys who were helping my teacher to buy their stuff from the market and were also doing other routine help! So I was the victim of partial judgment. It was the last time I had taken part in such type of competition. I quit, though I was the student who was very famous in my school because of my speech, though I had won so many prices in debate competitions. I could be a better speaker if I had got the proper appreciation from my teacher at that time. This incidence had created a fear inside me! Fear to face the public, of which I was master once!

So this is something which you don’t expect from your parents but you expect it from your instructors, from your teachers. Because at certain stage of your life, the statement or the opinion or the information i.e. knowledge of your teacher maters a lot to you than of your parents because teachers are the one in whom we are seeking our answers, our reflection and sometime we adopt their answers also for our own and that becomes a life time truth for us! Teacher can provide a perfect environment for your growth if he guides you properly. Sometimes they can also draw out your inner skills about which you or even your parents are not aware of. I am from the family where to get a good rank in class is very necessary at any cost. You should be toper at least in the class of maths, and science, which they consider as the base of professional carrier.

With a the grace of I was quite good with those subjects, but I was not knowing that I can do quite excellent in drawing and free sketching as well, until my teacher (we used to call her Sister Agnesh) saw my drawing and inspired me in that direction, though I continued with my parents education ( I am a medical graduate) the drawing got part in my personal hobbies, even today I spend my leisure time with drawing, it manifests my creative entity and I really like that. On the other side some time it happens that instead of inspiring you to bloom some bad teacher makes you so hopeless, and full of guilt that even the thing in which you are tactful is also taken away from you as I had mentioned above.

So here is the point, if we need to make a revolution in educational field and we want to see the new generation with creativity, intelligence, and with the aspire to do something new for world than we need replace the educational system with the teachers who are full of life and are really interested in teaching. Who have the ability to make the child bloom, who know how to make the child learn, who can help students to find their goals, who find a single child unique and can percept their unique quality, because what matters most is “the Creators not the Creation”. After all there a very famous adage that, “A good teacher can substitute for 100 parents.”

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