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Role Of Social Media: To Express People's View On Contemporary Politics

Abstract: 21st century is the age of digitalization. Internet is rapidly growing and social media which is a new horizontal platform of ultramodern people. people can discuss contemporary political issues such as governmental policies, governmental decision and governmental feedback in the arena of social media. People would like to take their breath through the air of some social instrument viz, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. these respiratory apparatus of the society. Every society of the world ( developed and underdeveloped ) are using social media for the extreme purpose of communication like sharing of information, development of knowledge and discussion about contemporary issues.

Through the viewpoint of social media, the approaches of our social, political and economic have been changed.

Social media is an open platform for the people not only to openly talk, think and discuss Governmental policies and contemporary issues and several other issues but also they take some steps. This article base on spiral silence theory.
Keywords: social media, people view, contemporary political issues, democracy.

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Introduction: now social media part of life. Everyone daily uses social networking sites. Social media platforms used many purposes like entertainment, communication, socialization, marketing, discussion, and politics. Many people use social networking sites including politicians or political institution, they want to reach a large audience in a short time. There are social media platforms where it provides unlimited freedom and people can share all idea, thought, decision and comments about governmental policy and contemporary political or social issues without being confined by any governmental agencies or censorship.

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Not only spread the idea and thought but also social events being to be organized by social networking sites.

We have attached it so tenaciously that social network is now on unseparated part of our lives. it widespread across the state, a country even the whole world, not only use people but also government takes advantage of social media platforms for continual engagement with the people .though social media networks offers worldwide platforms to share experience, knowledge, information, express own views but it continual engagement is touching individual relationship, productivity, and society. Social media and politics: these articles show the use of social network sites by politicians or political parties of their campaigning during the general election.

Social media first strongly used for political campaigning during the presidential election 2008 in the United State of America by Barack Obama. These articles supported that the users of the social network sites were an important part of contemporary polities in India even the whole world. In this context, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter users have to reveal themselves politically in many ways, such as encouraging a friend to vote, making online donations, status updates, revealing political opinion or attitude, posting content and sharing political content or political message. Twitter, web blogging, microblogging have been used by politicians and voter comments on political, social, economical issues share information and encourage political participation.

Politicians or political parties to use social networking sites are increasing day by day and politicians can reach hundreds even thousand people to make propaganda through social media. Politicians and political parties to promote their ideologies, political image, political message among their followers, supporter, and peoples by social media. Specifically, social networking sites have been broadly using for political purposes. popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp are used by the politicians to have been increasing for political participation. political parties, politicians have begun specific Facebook account, Facebook pages, community group, Twitter account, WhatsApp group for the purpose to communicate with the masses . ‘ internet access is an easy way to communicate with the government in engaging with political activity, which is part of political participation'( lee 2002).

Social media and future: social networking sites are a comparatively new way for political parties or politicians to communicate with the people during political campaigns. In a society majority of masses have access to the internet, social media can offer as a technical base digital political contention and also can simplify the opinion-shaping process. In future elections will be held in social media platforms and people can get all information about the election, political parties, election commissioner and election-related governmental activities. In these predictions for social media attractively use in future political campaigns and suggestions about how to best way use social media in future political campaigning.

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