Role of Media Essay

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Role of Media


Indeed media could play vital role for strenghtening democracy and revamping the institutions but unfortunately the faint glimmer of hope also turned as bitter enemy for the democracy.No one can gainsay that in current scenario when media had to rebuild tornished image of our country it failed to identify its simple words we can say it acted as zardariphobic.i think v need a responsible media which can improve our image n bring closer all units of society n hence can lead a misguided nation to path of prosperity n developement. Indeed media is not playing its due role. It has always put forward the one sided and biased stories to malign govt.

I am surprised to see when our elected members are disgraced on tv. No doubt they are incompetent but they are still representatives of people. And by the way people have not given these media men (that too from private sector and strange agendas) the power to ask. Moreover, hosts of these talk shows are devoid of basic knowledge. They are incompetent and oblivious from facts and figures regrading the issue. They know how to insult people. I never learned anything from these talk shows. Honestly speaking i learned more from international channels like ALjazeera about pakistan than these domestic channels.

They are doing nothing more than a business. They are opportunists and exploiters. while criticising our media we should keep in mind the role of media which media played in judicial crises and in the revival od democratic values in Pakistan.we shoul Consider and accually media iz the 4th piller of our country as it iz a mouth piece b/w parliamnt and common people.because it make aware the govt about public opinion and thier demands.But it iz also true that some persons in media consider themslve above the they balckmail the politicians to get thier personal gains so there should be some rules or restrctnz which keep the media in its limits.but the rules must be such as it would nt b against the rule of freedom of it iz the most importnt chareterstc of democracy Firstly media supported a political party in the movement of judical crisis. When media was at pains with Musharaf it searched for excuses. Ealier media neglected major inconsistencies and corruption. Why it suddenly rose out of deep slumber? So in the restoration of judicairy too they palyed a biased role.

Supporting only N-league.

Secondly, media has played no role in revival ov democratic norms. I wonder if there are democratic norms and values being followed in pakistan? Media is responsible for all the political mess in pakistan. Keeping the political pressure high in country is in the interest of media. I dont need to qoute here what Hamid Mir was saying in his program a day before the elections about Sheikh Rasheed.


Now coming to the independence of media. We trumpet often that our media is independent. But keeping in view the global media development in last decade, we are still lagging behind. Had our media excelled in the field of maturity, we would have been praising it all the time that it has evloved it self in such a short time. But this is not the case. Media has still a long way to develop maturity and adopt ethics of journalism. The globalisation has pushed revival and independence of media. Independence of our media is not hard-won.

And what rules you are talking about. These media pharaohs are going to follow any rules and that too from the present govt? Impossible. No one can ask them about anything.

Question arises’then why these talk shows and anchors are famous in pakistan’???? I have got the answer. The reason behing their fame is illiteracy and lack of knowledge among masses. People are angry with the politicians. They want someone who humiliates politicians for their non-deliverance. And media is palying such role with full ‘responsibility’ And becharay people have got no knowledge what are the ethics of journalism and what message we are giving to the outside world. How our economy is being affected because of this.

Our media is not independent, It is slave of political power and corporate interests.

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