Role of Media Essay

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Role of Media

Media plays a significant role in our society today. It is all around us from the films we watch on television, the music we listen, to the books and magazines we read everyday. Media has become almost as necessary s food and clothing. Television achieves a myriad of different goals ranging from entertainment and education. Various forms of education and entertainment are depicted on T. V. Without media people in society would be isolated not form the rest of the world but also form government and neighboring towns and cities and lawmakers. Media always played a significant role in our society.

Information media become indispensable part of modern democracy. It forms the very bed rock of democracy without which democracy is an aimless, futile exercise and can never fulfill the aspirations of the people in real terms . In Democracy the government and its each wing has to perform multifarious functions with utmost responsibility. The media acts as watchdog on the working of government. It acts as a communicator between the government and people of India. It spreads relevant information and create fair public opinion and by virtue of functions it performs—- a check is automatically created over the functions of the government.

Hence it rightly called the fourth pillar of democracy . i. e. Fourth Estate. Media has played a very crucial and important role in our country right from the independence days. However in the last few years it has started playing a more active role in making people aware of the real situation prevalent in our democratic set up. The media is actively involved in the national level affairs relating to the social justice, law and order, constitution and many other things.

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