Role of Marketing Essay

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Role of Marketing

1. The Body Shop organises its own fair trade programme called Community Trade to promote fair trade with its ingredient suppliers who are mainly from developing countries.

By buying ingredients from these suppliers, the Body Shop helps them earn more income. Ultimately, people working for these suppliers are also expected to have better pay. This would help improve the living standards of people in developing countries.

2The Body Shop Foundation improves the well-being of people in society by providing funding for non-governmental organisations working in such areas as human rights and environmental protection. These areas are essential for the well-being of people.

3Yes. The Body Shop’s Against Animal Testing policy benefits society because it offers other species a better chance to survive. One of the key factors in preserving our society’s well-being is maintaining an ecological balance between humans and non-human creatures. The large number of animals used for testing may lead to the extinction of species and eventually affect the ecological balance. What the Body Shop is doing is trying to reverse the imbalance, and consequently this will benefit society.

4The Body Shop finds the highest quality ingredients and transforms them into innovative products. It then markets and prices its products fairly. Thus, customers can enjoy a wide diversity of new, high-quality products. They can also afford to buy these products for a reasonable price. (As the Body Shop’s products are made of natural instead of artificial ingredients, they are also expected to be safer for customers. This improves the well-being of its customers.)

5By practising a societal marketing concept, the Body Shop gains the trust and loyalty of its customers. It can also gain goodwill from the general public. In the long run, this would lead to increased sales and profits.

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