Role of Learning and Culture of Emotion Essay

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Role of Learning and Culture of Emotion

Emotions are a variety of intense state of feelings as well as an act. Emotions that an individual feels or experiences are diverse depending on the situation he/ she faces. A person may feel happy when all are fine and things are happening just as he/she wishes and sad as its opposite, mad when he/she is upset, discourage when he/she experiences lots of problems and travails and sufferings and many more. But not all individuals react the same way, not all of them responds the way others do.

Some may be too emotional and cannot easily handle any difficult situations while others are too discreet about their emotions and others can be to vocal about that even the public know how he/ she feels. This is when Learning and Culture comes in and affects how emotion is being manifested. Emotions maybe explained through cognitive and noncognitive theories. Many theorists and psychologists have explained the causes- effects of emotions as well as ways on how to deal with emotions properly.

Learning plays a great role on how one responds when it comes to handling emotions. When one know how to properly take care of it, by knowing the right ways to be done in dealing with it. The ideals set with regards to emotions plays a vital role in minimizing acts that are hideous especially when one responses to his emotions in the wrong way. Culture on the other hand, also takes an essential part relating to emotions. We may find some individuals who just lost their loved one, but we never saw them cry that hard. It is because of their culture.

On how they were brought up by the environment they grew up with. Others may be barbaric when they act on their emotions while others are just discreet. Culture makes emotions very interesting for people react in different ways due to the way they were brought up especially with the culture that they have. Emotions are important to be expressed and not suppressed. Whatever learning we may have and whatever culture we belong it is still very necessary for us to learn to express and be free from every feeling or state of mind that we are experiencing.

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