Role of Leadership in My Life

Through the range of Basic Leader Course (BLC), I took in various important information that can help me with improving as a leader. Probably the best exercise I learned was the ability to listen effectively. In the Army, communication is a noteworthy topic. Without real communication conveyed, missions will no doubt be in disarray. Regardless, to communicate effectively, people ought to first make sense of how to effectively tune in. Amazing listening implies having the alternative to completely understand the speaker verbally and nonverbally.

Another activity that I like is making sense of how to create a resume.

I think having the knowledge to form a resume effectively is fundamental ability that everyone should know. Acknowledging how to create a resume reasonably helps you with getting any profession, in addition, makes you stand separated from the different applicant runner-ups. As such, realizing how to create a resume is an important life-skill. I found that it was also important to know the book, aka the army regulations to lead and guide properly.

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Knowing the things you should not do will help enforce the things you should. Not only leading by the book but by example; clarify and show why it is important to follow the rules and be educated, if you just throw the book at them and tell them to know it, they won’t want to study it. If you explain and give reasonable examples then it will be easier to understand its importance. I’ve learned being a leader isn’t as simple as they make it.

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It is a wavering balance between regulations and morality; between the qualities of a good attitude and faking it until you make it. In reality no one can say with definitive assurance what makes a good leader, but I feel like this course gave us a good head start.

It highlighted the basics of leadership and Enlighted us on what to look out for while leading and gave us examples of what a bad and good leader look like. I enjoyed the interactive discussions and found that others opinions are also important when it comes to leading. If I only listen and follow my own opinion I will never know the flaws and mistakes I make; listening to others helps me diversify my thinking and try to come to an agreement on subjects in order to lead justly and fairly. It is difficult to choose and speak on only a few topics because in reality everything we went over touched on and showed the importance of leadership. I guess what I can take away the most from this class is to not take everything at face value, this class gave us the tools but it is up to us to take the initiative and build our own leadership style; how to effectively support our followers and how to listen, be aware, and how to maximize performance not just that of ourselves but those of our peers and those we lead.

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