Role of Atomic Energy and Nuclear Radiation

The use of nuclear energy is controversial because it can be used to wreak havoc upon mankind. Fission, or the splitting of atoms, can be used to release extreme heat and radiation. During World War II, the United States decided that this would be a powerful weapon, so they dropped two fission bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan to end the war. Many buildings were desotryed and thousands of innocent civilians were killed. After that, the world viewed nuclear bombs as dangerous new weapons that could devestate entire cities.

Also, the radiation released from nuclear fission is harmful to living organisms. In 1986, a steam buildup in a nuclear reactor in Chornobyl, Ukraine caused an explosion that released tons of radiation into contact with people and animals. Thirty-one deaths resulted from the accident. Traces of the radiation were found in areas far away from the reactor because they traveled by wind. After the accident, the radiation still affects people in the contaminated areas; thyroid cancer in people has been increased due to the radiation.

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I think the benefits of nuclear power definitely outweigh the potentional dangers. Nuclear power is a very efficient source of energy. For example, it can be used to provide electricity for cities. Nuclear reactors would split radioactive elements to form heat, which would produce steam to turn turbines. Then electricity would be created to power major towns and cities. We do not need to worry about nuclear meltdowns because of the safety measures in nuclear reactors. The Chernobyl accident would be a thing of the past.

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Nuclear energy is also abundant, unlike fossil fuels (coal and oil). We don’t have to worry about running out of radioactive elements. However, fossil fuels are the complete opposite; gasoline prices have skyrocketed over the past thirty years, and scientists predict that gas would become a rarity in the year 2075 or so.

I do not think all countries should agree to limit atomic weapons. Even if a country has only 200 atomic weapons, they can still easily threaten other nations. Leaders should be able to buy what they desire with their nation’s money without having to worry about breaking any agreements. Perhaps a better solution is to ban atomic weapons altogether; that way, the world don’t have to worry about nuclear war anymore. If a country is suspected of possessing nuclear weapons, then that country would probably be wiped off the map (courtesy of the United Nations, they are the sheriff of the world.)

Or maybe we should allow all countries to stockpile only ONE nuclear warhead for every country on earth. So if there are 200 countries in the world, your country could only stockpile 200 nuclear warheads. That way, if you bombed every country on earth, you would only have one warhead left to defend yourself with. I think it would be a pretty wicked awesome system. Atomic energy was used to cause death and destruction, but now it is being used to help light up the world. When the responsible are in charge of nuclear power, then everyone benefits! Atomic power is a great example of wonderful technology.

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