Role of an Computer Systems in Business Environment Essay

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Role of an Computer Systems in Business Environment

The day and age of the friendly neighborhood grocery store has long passed, supermarket stores now dominate the retail business. British supermarket chain Asda was recently taken over by American retail and wholesale giant Wal-Mart. After retaining the name Asda, the supermarket chain has grown and opened stores across the UK, recruiting many employees along the way. The recruiting policies have undergone a major re-vamp with a large local recruitment drive.

Recruitment drives are sometimes conducted seasonally, like during Christmas, when extra part time staff is hired to cope with the rising business. Applications can be completed online or by visiting a local store and getting an application form. After reviewing the application, the next step for a potential employee is an interview. This is followed by training and probationary period where they are assessed on their various skills. If they do well through these stages then they are hired and become a part of the local Asda family.

To help with the recruitment process, especially the analyzing of cvs and interview examination, the Asda recruitment group has taken a very formal business model. By taking advice from consultancy agencies the quality of employees recruited is constantly improving. Even psychological testing has been introduced as a part of the recruitment process. The psychological testing process allows the team to make sure that the personality of the employee matches the needs of the Asda brand.

One of the new recruitment drives used the help of a psychology consultancy company called Criterion. The company conducts a personality test, and the information gained is then used to assess whether or not the employee would be appropriate for Asda. The process that Criterion uses is a useful filter that not only identifies the top applicants for employment but also at the same time creates a shortlist of employees who might require further testing to accurately predict their capabilities. Before this the company solely relied on cvs and interviews to assess an employee’s worth.

The new system has allowed the interviewing process to be cut by more than fifty percent. While store assistants are still recruited through the old system, the new personality test system is used for selecting employees that will be involved in management or if they wish to work in the head office. The purpose of the newly styled recruitment drive is to ensure that all new employees are as interested in the company’s future as the current management and staff. This will help guarantee a successful future for the company.

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