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Role of a footballer Essay

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In this essay I am going to explain why Peter Kay/John Smiths adverts are so successful? John smiths bitter was very successful without the adverts the adverts have made it more well known. The adverts started by a famous comedian Jack Dee the adverts went so well they had a cardboard cut out of Jack Dee and it was still a success. In 2002 the comedian Peter Kay took the place of Jack Dee and it became funnier than ever. The adverts start with a serious scenario then half way through Peter Kay would add some humour and the advert would become really funny. The adverts have made John Smiths bitter become very popular in the U.K owning 15% of the market.

Them first advert is the swimming advert it starts off as a normal diving event. Two professionals divers dive then John Smiths steps up he runs and bombs he wins the event. The advert is funny because it is suppose to be like an Olympic event and the best dive wins but Peter Kay steps up on the diving board with his Bermuda shorts and unfit compared to the other divers compared to the slim divers. He bombs and soaks the judges with the water. The judges give him the best mark it’s aimed at the working class man. It appeals to all the ages.

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The second advert is in an Indian restaurant it starts off as a normal meal Peter Kay is out with his wife and a couple of friends his mobile phone goes off and Peter Kay answers it. Its his daughter Britney having a nightmare about the wardrobe monsters Peter Kay says “It’s the burglars that break in through the windows that you should be worried about” His friends look amazed and he does not realise what he has done wrong this is what makes the advert funny because its original and not normal to say something like that.

The third advert is the football one. In this advert is a team at football training they show of their skills by keeping the ball up and then they pass it to john smith he then volleys it and says “ave it” then the ball goes into someone’s back garden. The saying “ave it” has become very popular around the U.K this shows the impact the adverts have on people and makes them remember the advert.

The fourth and final advert is the snooker one. It starts off as an average house Peter Kay walks in stops his mum from hoovering up and tells her “come on mum it’s time to go” she looks at him and says “go where” he then says “the old peoples home they will look after you now its for the best” she says “are you mad I am fifty five” Peter Kay says ” I know but I have had a word with them they will take you” she says “why should I go live in an old peoples home” Peter Kay says ” because I want to put a snooker table in your bedroom and the kids are afraid of your tash” This advert makes you laugh because the facial expressions of his mum and the way he says it you feel safe to laugh because she is only fifty five and its just not what someone would say to there mum this is what makes it funny.

The tag line of each advert is the same. In the background there is always something happening the first advert at the end the john smiths pint is on the diving board and everything is unfocused apart from the pint this gets your attention to it. The second advert you see the john smiths pint again at the end on top of the wardrobe. The third advert you see the picture of Peter Kay’s mum then it gets changed with a famous snooker player Dennis Taylor. The final advert you see half time oranges and a pint next to it Peter Kay runs up pushes the oranges to the side and chooses the john smith pint. The ending of every advert is unique to the advert and there will always be the John Smiths pint on every ending. The tag line is always the same on every advert No Nonsense saying he is serious about it and cant see what is wrong.

Peter Kay represents an average working class man the rule of three works well in the John Smiths adverts because it twists the advert. For example the diving one there is three divers. Two of which are really good and have athletic body then there is Peter Kay overweight and not very good. The twist is that the unfit one john smith wins the event. They show a replay of John Smiths bomb and show different angles of the bomb this makes the advert more funny because you see it from different views and makes humour last longer.

Peter Kay plays a role in each advert in the first advert he plays the role of an unfit athlete in a competition. In the second advert he is playing the role of a working class man having an Indian with some friends. In the third advert Peter Kay plays the role of a footballer at training with the team. The final advert Peter Kay plays the role of Man looking after his mum.

In conclusion I think the Peter Kay/John Smiths adverts where so successful because they use a lot of humour, which makes the adverts funny for anyone who is watching them. I think the adverts have had an impact on sales of John Smiths bitter before the adverts John Smiths bitter was still a success but with the adverts I think sales have increased. The adverts are funny to watch and easily remembered and this makes John Smiths more successful. All of the adverts start out as a normal scenario then Peter Kay will twist it and make you laugh this is a good technique because you are unaware of what is going to happen. I think they picked the best comedian for the adverts because he has funny accent and is already well known from Phoenix nights and various stand ups he has done.

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