Rocket Spanish Review - Is Rocket Spanish Worth It?

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Rocket Spanish is the popular Spanish Language course created by Mauricio Evlampieff. It’s promise is that you will be able to speak Spanish confidently and naturally in 3 months. As a keen learner of the Spanish language, I purchased it. I had previously bought other courses, so how does Rocket Spanish compare?

Well firstly Rocket Spanish is the cheapest online Spanish language product that I know of. However, this does not mean anything with regards to it's quality. Rocket Spanish certainly over-delivers in that respect.

I have personally used Rosetta Stone, the Spanish language software before, but it cost 4 times as much as Rocket Spanish. Rosetta Stone is good, but it is really for more experienced speakers of the language who want to further their education. Rocket Spanish, for a much lower price, will allow you to build the fundamentals of the Spanish language without burning a hole in your pocket. It also does away with the fluff that is not beginner-friendly.

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Another course is the Pimsleur course, which came out a long time ago. This is mainly an audio course that consists of 100 lessons, each of which is 20 minutes long. However it’s price is extremely high (almost 9 times the cost of Rocket Spanish). I would not say it is worth that much, but it is certainly a comprehensive course.

As you can tell, Rocket Spanish is the most affordable solution. It is also a great beginners choice. The audio lessons, reading material and games provided will give you a solid grounding in the language.

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Of all the courses I have bought, Rocket Spanish certainly surpasses them in terms of value for money. You will have so much fun learning Spanish that you may not be able to put it down!

Want to know more about Rocket Spanish and it's benefits and features? Then head on down to Fabian Tan's Rocket Spanish review site.

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Rocket Spanish Review - Is Rocket Spanish Worth It?
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