Robin Hood Case Study Essay

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Robin Hood Case Study

1) Create a basic organization chart for Robin Hood and his men.

Robin Hood organization has a centralized top-down management style structure. Robin Hood is the CEO of the organization; his four lieutenants are directors of specific departments which are responsible for providing research and gathering information, finances, training, and provisioning.

2) What problems does Robin Hood have? What top 4 issues need to be addressed? * Misalignment of goals of the top executives and the subordinates (Robin Hood’s primarily goal is the personal vendetta with the Sheriff, while the main purpose of the majority of Merrymen is to reallocate wealth from rich to the poor or simply to gain profits) * Obsolete strategy to generate revenues (Travelers started to avoid the forest not to have their goods confiscated) * Food shortage (the growing band started to exceed food capacities of the forest) * The growing strength of the rivals (The Sheriff was growing stronger and becoming better organized)

3) Do Robin Hood and the Merrymen need a new mission and plan? Is continuing with the present course of action an option or is that now obsolete? The old mission of the Robin Hood has become obsolete due to certain changes in the internal and external environment. The old ways to generate revenues do not yield the expected results any longer as the travelers started to avoid the forest. There is mounting evidence that the old strategy is not working as the organization is facing a financial crisis. The declining vigilance and discipline of the Merrymen represent a growing problem that need to be addressed immediately. The shared enmity against the Sheriff which united the Merrymen of the organization has become of secondary importance to the new members leading to misalignment of goals. Therefore, Robin Hood and Merrymen need a new mission in order to respond to both internal and external changes.

4) Do you think make sense to impose a fixed transit tax to counter the decline in revenues? Why or why not? Imposing a transit tax on the travelers as a part of a new strategy of the organization can yield numerous benefits to its members. The flow of customers will increase as rich members will prefer to pay a tax and reach their destination faster going through the Sherwood Forest. They will not be afraid to have their goods confiscated. Transit tax will help to generate constant revenues and provide sustainable income to the group. The problems of insufficient funding and scarce resources will be solved. In order to convince the Merrymen that it is a good idea and not to lose farmers and townspeople as the allies, tax collection should be given a good cause. The part of the imposed taxes can be donated to raise the ransom for popular king Richard.

5) What is your opinion about expanding the band’s operations to a larger area around Sherwood Forest as a way of solving these problems? Why or why not is this a good idea? Expansion of the raiding area is a good tactical move as it can solve some problems associated with financing, scarce recourses, and even discipline. Since travelers are avoiding the forest, the scope of the operations needs to be extended outside of the forest in order to generate revenues. The gang needs to be broken down into smaller units in order to cover the extended area. Consequently it will be easier to train, organize, an enforce discipline in smaller units of Merrymen supervised by managers.

6) Should they try and end the campaign by killing the sheriff? Why or why not?

Killing the Sheriff would only satisfy the thirst for Robin Hood’s revenge; however, it is unlikely to solve all the problems that organization faces. In fact it could also worsen the matter. The Prince would appoint the next Sheriff who would be just as bad if not worse. The friends and allies of the Sheriff would seek revenge and put more efforts into capturing Robin Hood. One of the common goals that united Merrymen which is the shared enmity and hatred against the Sheriff will be lost with the death of the Sheriff.

7) What are the pros and cons of accepting the offer of the Barons to assist in securing King Richard’s release from prison? There are numerous advantages in accepting the offer of the barons: * The gang will be granted amnesty and will not face persecution from the authorities any longer. * Robin Hood and Merrymen will eventually end the campaign against the Sherriff. * If the rescue is successful, they will return their law abiding life, become national heroes, and will enjoy the benefits of the new position such as generous rewards and protection from the new king. * By putting a fair and intelligent king on the thrown, Merrymen will help to improve the socio-economic conditions of the population of England. However, accepting the offer is a dangerous and risky venture. * Robin Hood and Merrymen will face a very powerful rival, Prince John, who has an army of trained soldiers, numerous spies, and abundant recourses. * In case of failure of the new campaign, the revenge of the Prince John can be detrimental and can put an end to Robin Hood and his organization.

8) What course of action of the above choices would you recommend to Robin? Be specific about why you chose this and how it addresses the problems you identified in question 2. Robin should accept the offer of the barons to help to rescue King Richard. As mentioned above the new strategy of the organization will provide numerous benefits and help to solve many existing problems. New mission will align the goals and objectives of the top executive and other members of the group, ensuring consistency in overall strategy. Imposing a transient tax to raise money for the ransom will help to achieve financial strength of the organization. The travelers, farmers and townspeople who are interested in overthrowing Prince John will be willing to help Robin Hood and provide them with provision and financial resources, resolving the problems of the food shortage.

Forming strategic alliance with the baron will help to gain competitive edge over the rivals. 9) How should Robin implement your recommended strategy? Make a list of the top five specific action steps (tactics) that he needs to take in order to implement this plan. * Meet with the barons (Inform the barons about accepting the offer, obtain details about King Richard captivity) * Enforce security within the organization (Stop recruiting new agents and improve internal control over Merrymen not to let the spies of Prince John find out about the new plan) * Send spies to Prince John’s court to be aware of rivals’ actions * Introduce a transient tax in order to raise money for ransom * Form a team that will deliver ransom and free King Richard

10) Show a new organization chart for Robin Hood and his men, based on whatever new course of action you recommend in question 8.

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