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Robert Walton

After the creation, Victor realises the disaster he created and ‘beheld the accomplishment of his toils. ‘ On this day he falls deeper into the hole of seclusion, and as each of his close friends and family die, the friendless characters feelings of desolation turn into revenge. While Victor is desperately ill, due to his hard work he is nursed by the only friend he has, Henry Clerval. Victor is now given the chance to tell Henry his secret, however he does not.

Thus, remaining secretive, isolated and unhappy From the beginning, Victor is seen as an outsider, and is the basis of his own isolation.

Throughout the whole novel, Victor continues to make decisions, which ultimately make him more and more of an outsider. Being such an outsider has a fatal effect on Victor. Living very much a sheltered life outside human society, family life, love and other human customs After all his friends and family are killed by his creation, Victor follows the monster all around the North Pole on foot and the finally with Robert Walton.

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His misery drives him insane and he clings on to life in hope of vengeance. Victor Frankenstein’s creation, which we call the monster, is also an outsider in Shelley’s novel.

Unlike Victor who made himself and chose to be an outsider, the monster is an outcast from society from the minute of his creation. Immediately after the monster is created he is left to fend for himself with nothing apart from Victors coat.

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He is alone partly because Victor falls desperately ill, however it is also because Victor is disgusted with his wretched creation. The monster travels to a nearby rural area where he comes across shelter next to a farming area, which belongs to the De Lacey family. Secretly the monster learns to read and communicate.

However, when he is discovered and thrown out he also learns of his wretchedness and isolation. From the very beginning, the monster is casted away from the De Lacey’s and his creator. This is because of his looks, sounds and his abnormal creation. The monster fails to understand why he brings fear and terror. He abhors society and seeks revenge on Victor. This is because the monster realizes his isolation and loneliness is prescribed by his creator. The monster confronts Victor he expresses the reason for his want of revenge and curses Victor. He describes how Victor ‘made me wretched beyond expression.

‘ The monster is also clever as he gains Victors and the readers sympathy when explaining his ‘tale. ‘ ” I was poor, helpless, miserable wretch. ” This quote shows how the monster, not through his own fault, was an outsider. “I remembered too well the treatment I had suffered the night before from the barbarous villagers. ” The quote shows how people casted him away through no fault of his own. Throughout the novel, the monster travels alone with no one and is an outsider until the end. Even when the monster ends his life he is alone. ” He was soon borne away by the waves in darkness and distance. ”

The isolation remains after his death, as there is no one left to mourn him. Victors ignorance towards his creation, leads to the monster to resort to violence and revenge. Robert Walton is the first outsider we come across in the novel; we see this behaviour through the letters to his sister in England. One of the main factors of his separation from society, causing him to be an outsider is his obsession of breaking the boundaries of travel and reaching the North Pole. ” I desire the company of a man who could sympathise with me; whose eyes would reply to mine… I bitterly feel the want of a friend. I have no one near me…

I shall certainly find no friend on the wide ocean. ” Robert Walton appears only twice in the text, at the beginning and at the very end. This quote shows us how he is very lonely, even though he is around many people; this is another factor that adds to him being an outsider. Unlike Victor, Robert Walton returns home and gives up his life as an outsider, he admits defeat. If Victor had done a similar thing and returned he could of gone home and saved family and friends. However, Victors stubbornness and determination forces him forward to his death In the novel Daz 4 Zoe, Daz is an outsider and is similar to the monster in Frankenstein.

Daz was born in Rawhampton, the run down city, which immediately made him an outsider, from society. The citizens of Silverdale see all the ‘chippies’ as outsiders because of where they live. Government Rules and Regulations make Daz an outsider; this was the Income Qualification Bill. However it is apparent that Daz is not a stereotype ‘chippy. ‘ On the first night Zoe went ‘chippying’ she and her friends find themselves in trouble and Daz who thinks ‘chippies’ are enemies helps them out. Daz feels a lot of remorse against the ‘subbies’ because his brother Del was killed while in D. R. E.

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