Road Trip from New York to Florida Essay

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Road Trip from New York to Florida

Introduction: Have you ever had an idea to make a road trip to Florida? If yes, what would you choose: just drive straight or have some stops? I wanted to show you one way of realizing that trip, which I’m planning to do soon.

Thesis Statement: Route from New York to Florida with amazing stops on the way, such as Cape May, Chincoteague Island, Chesapeake Bay Tunnel/Bridge, Virginia Beach, Charleston, Savannah and our final point – Jacksonville.

Discussion Section:

1. First part of the road: From New York to Chincoteague Island, VA (

a. First point of interest – Cape May, NJ. City famous for Victorian mansions, lighthouse.

b. According to official website –, information about Cape May Ferry.

c. Second point of interest – Chincoteague Island (“home of wild ponies”).

2. Second part of the road: From Chincoteague Island, VA to Charleston, SC:

a. Driving through Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel to Virginia Beach. According to, we know interesting facts about Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel. At nearly 20 miles long, this bridge is one of the architectural wonders of the east coast.

b. First point of interest – Virginia Beach, VA (staying overnight). Virginia Beach has all the elements of a classic seaside resort: gorgeous beaches, a lively boardwalk, plenty of restaurants and nightspots.

c. Second point of interest – Charleston, SC (according to, things to see and do in Charleston). The best way to see this historic city and its remarkable architecture is taking a carriage ride or walking around.

3. Third part of the road: From Charleston, SC to Jacksonville, FL (final destination):

a. Final destination – Jacksonville, FL (according to, tourist information about the city, attractions and things to do). Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida by population. It has amazing architecture along with the white sand beaches.

b. Savannah, GA – point of interest on the way back to New York – is a classic Southern city—mannerly, to be sure, but with a rich and complex history.

Conclusion: That was one of the options of making the road trip to Florida. In few days you can enjoy each of the beautiful cities, starting from Cape May with it’s famous ferry, Chincoteague Island with wild ponies, passing Chesapeake Bay Tunnel/Bridge, tanning on the beautiful Virginia Beach, watching amazing architecture of Charleston, gorgeous historic city of Savannah and our final point – Jacksonville. I hope you will realize your own road trip to Sunny State one day. Travelling is making our life colorful and adventurous. So let’s don’t miss the chance of exploring the world.

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