Road Safety Essay

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Road Safety

Hai friends, teachers and the judges on the dice my name is santhiya from VIII ‘B’. I am here to give you a small speech about road safety. Road safety refers to method and measure for reducing the risk of a person using the road network being killed or seriously injured.

Road traffic crashes are one of the World’s largest public health and injury prevention problems. According to World’s Health Organization, more than a million people are killed on the world’s road each year. A report published by the WHO in 2004 estimated that some 1.2 million people were killed and 50 million injured in traffic collisions on the road around children 10-19 years of age.

Most of the roads crowned that is, made so that they have rounded surfaces, to reduce standing water and ice, primarily to prevent frost damage but also increasing traction in poor weather.

Poor road surface can lead to safety problems. Lane markers in some countries and states are marked with Cat’s eye or Botts dot, bright reflector that do not fade like paint. Turning across traffic poses several risks.

Pedestrians and cyclist are among the most vulnerable road users and in some countries over half of all road deaths.

During the 1990s a new approach, known as ‘sharped space’ was developed which removed many features in some places has attracted the attention of authorities around the world. The approach was developed by Hans Monderman who believed that ‘‘if you treat drivers like idiots, they act like idiots’’ and proposed that trusting drivers to behave was more successful than forcing them to behave. Major highways including motors, freeways, Autobahnen and Interstates are designed for safety high-speed operation and generally have lower levels of injury per vehicle km than other roads.

More people die on the hard shoulder than on the highway itself. Without other vehicles passing a parked car, following drivers are unaware that the vehicle is parked, despite hazard light.

30% of the highway crashes that occurs in the vicinity of toll collection booth in the countries that have them, these can be reduced by switching to electronic toll systems.

Safety can be improved in various ways depending on the transport taken.

The main way to stay safe while traveling by bus or coach is as follow: •At the bus stop, always follow the queue. •Do not sit, stand or travel on the footboard of the bus. •Do not put any part of your body outside a moving or a stationary bus.

Some countries or states have already implemented some of the ideas pay-as-you-drive adjusts insurance coasts according to when and where the person drives.

Since 1999 the EuroRAP initiative has been assessing major roads in Europe with a road protection score.

RoadPeace was formed in 1991 in the United Kingdom to advocate for better road safety and founded World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims in 1993 which received support from the United Nations General Assembly in 2005.

Some road-safety groups argue that the problem of road safety being stated in the wrong terms because most safety measures are designed to increase the safety measures are designed to increase the safety of drivers, but many road traffic casualties are not drivers, and those measures which increases the driver safety may, perversely, increases the risk to these others, through risk to these others, through risk compensation.

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