Rme – Me Law Guide Questions Essay

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Rme – Me Law Guide Questions

Here are the answers to the questions in Mechanical Engineering Laws in the Philippines posted last August 21, 2010.

1. Prior to Republic Act 8495, what law governs the practice of mechanical engineering the Philippines? B. Commonwealth Act No. 294

2. If the rated scores of an examinee in a board exam are 85, 82, and 48 in Math, Power, and Design subjects respectively (average: 72.85%), what will be the overall result? B. Fail

Section 18

3. Which of the following is NOT a required qualification for being a member of the Board of Mechanical Engineering (BME)? B. Naturalized or born Filipino citizen

Section 5

4. A foreign mechanical engineer may only be allowed to practice mechanical engineering in the Philippines if his country also allows Filipino mechanical engineers practice under similar provisions like those in RA8495. This policy is also known as a. A. Foreign Reciprocity

Section 39

5. According to RA 8495, where will the budget to implement Mechanical Engineering Law come from? C. National Budget

Section 44

6. A plant with rated capacity 500 kW requires with 3 shifts… C. At least three (3) registered mechanical engineer or Professional Mechanical engineer, one per shift

Section 33

7. Who has the power to revoke or suspend license to practice mechanical engineering in the Philippines? B. Board of Mechanical engineering

Section 27

8. An applicant who fails to pass the examination for the third time shall be allowed to take another examination only after the lapse of ____ D. One year

Section 20

9. In addition to the administrative sanctions imposed under RA8495 any person who violates any of the provisions of this Act and its rules and regulations shall, upon conviction be penalize by a fine of not less _______ nor more than Two hundred thousand pesos (P200,000.00). A. 50, 000 pesos

Section 42

10. Minimum requirement in teaching mechanical engineering subjects in universities and colleges in the Philippines B. Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Section 48

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