Rizal and His Relationship with Other Filipino Heroes Essay

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Rizal and His Relationship with Other Filipino Heroes

The young hero devoted his life seeking redemption for his oppressed countrymen. He valiantly objects injustices in own kind of dealings. Fought through pen, a tool mightier than sword, to defend his idealism of his culture, tradition, government, religion, and race. But what made him greater among the greatest is that was that Rizal measured not himself finer among the others, thus he deems himself an underdog who strives for enhancement not for himself, but for his country.

But the sojourn of the genius was fated to be linked with others with high sense of integrity and devotion, maybe not of the same level as of him, but at least paralleled him in any way. Several heroes have witnessed how talented and brilliant the young reformist was. There is no question that their dealings have somehow contributed in the formation of the ideology of Rizal, in the same way that he caused to them. They were acquainted by the same goal of seeking sovereignty of the country’s bondage. He met through various organizations he joined and co-founded with.

From the organization of Masons, Kidlat Club, the bold group of Filipino defendants of La Solidaridad down to the Philippine concealed org La Liga Filipina. Few whom he encountered with were Antonio and juan Luna, Marcelo H. Del Pilar, and his alleged contra Andres Bonifacio. Juan Luna has been Rizal’s remarkable painting partner. He intensifies Rizal’s ardent desire to hone his inclinations in art. The studio of Luna has witnessed how the simple and noble works of arts have triggered a unique friendship fashioned through each canvas and strokes.

It gives them a certain zest that only paints and brushes knew how to create. Their friendship is so genuine that have put up Rizal to model on one of his craft. Thus, Rizal also stated that Luna’s’ art pieces are works that only genius are capable of. Luna is also a member of the Kidlat Club formed during the Universal Exposition in Paris, which later on modified its name into Indios Bravos. Another Luna, Antonio Luna, has also been part of Rizal’s endeavor, a companion in many of his sojourn. But their connections once tested when they were both driven on affection with the same woman.

Nellie Boustead charm, unintended spark the conflicts on the heart of the two men. Realizing that friendship would be harder to loose than his personal infatuation, Rizal decided to fore go of his emotions in honor to his friend. However, towards the end of August in 1890 at Madrid, in school reunion Rizal and Luna had almost gone into duel when Luna’s mind befogged by alcohol, thus made him to speak of disagreeable words about Nellie on which Rizal was in opposition of. Fortunately, the Filipinos in Madrid placate the incident. When Luna became sobers realized how unwise he had been and he apologized to Rizal.

If there could be one man that provokes Rizal to strengthen his propagandist’s spirit, it would be Marcelo H. Del Pilar. Marcelo was known to be a bold man, with undoubted integrity, and unquestionable attainment, a well-paid Filipino lawyer in Madrid. He was known to be a prestige leader among Filipinos. He’s a brother of Rizal in the Masonic organization, co founder of La Solidaridad. Marcelo also translated Rizal’s various works of literacy. But there companionship was once put into rivalry where the Filipino society in Madrid had to elect their Responsible (leader).

Rizal was undisputed leader on that time, but other doubts his capabilities, thus the Filpinos were divided into two camps the Rizalistas and the Pilaristas. Though Rizal won and was declared Responsible he decided not to accept the leadership since he was certain that it would ruin the solidarity of the Filipino abroad. In the end, giving Del Pilar the authority to head the group. But if there could be once man that makes the draws more division on the talk of selecting the national hero, it would be no less than Andres Bonifacio. A member of the concealed group he founded; La Liga Filipina.

Bonifacio was a revolutionist’s a contrast of his understanding being a reformist. They were allege to be in clash since they were compelled by their opposing vision. But misconceptions should be impede since Bonifacio was the first one to translate Rizal’s farewell address Mi Ultimo Adios , an idication that Rizal and Bonifacio were in tranquility. Antonio and Juan Luna, Marcelo H. Del Pilar, Andres Bonifacio, and others are no less than Rizal. They have made their contribution in the morals of our national hero. Who devoted his journey in observance of culture and education in order to bring liberty and dignity to his race.

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