River Thames in London Essay

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River Thames in London

This Summer I am planning to go to Europe for my summer trip. Before going, I have yet to decide whether to make my trip by boat or by train. Although both of them are a very good mode of transportation, I am hesitant about which one I would take on my vacation. I plan to see as many places in Europe as much as I can. Europe is a continent rich in history and culture and has great places to see and things to do and I am wondering which one would give me the better way to experience, enjoy and to make the most out of my trip.

Trains are arguably the safest and most comfortable way to travel in Europe, it is faster than boats and usually makes stops at big cities which passengers will want to explore. Trains have also been used by people from different walks of life or economic status, old people and young people. Because of that, train rides provide good conversation with fellow passengers who like to travel while watching the countryside from their seats. Trains are cheaper compared to air travel in a way because a long overnight trip in a train or boat will save you an expensive night’s stay in a hotel.

Some trains are basically smaller hotels. They have bars and entertainment rooms to keep passengers occupied during those long hours. While individual ticket prices can go a bit high, train routes such as Eurail can offer discounts to passengers who choose to go to multiple destinations included in their railway system. On the other hand another great way to go around Europe is to travel by boat. Traveling by sea gives passengers the choice of boats they would like to ride on. Ferries, like trains also provide enough entertainment on board like casinos and game rooms.

Bigger boats have view decks which will give peaceful, uninterrupted view of the islands and ports of the places you wish to travel. This is a big advantage that I can find that the boat has over the train, making it a good place to go through lakes and rivers, while taking in the beautiful atmosphere and making friends with the other passengers. It also provides a better view of the country side, which many European countries are famous for and gives a break from the usual traffic jams and pollution coming from big cities.

Passengers can watch the sunset in the late afternoons and have grill parties at the decks, which people are most certainly not allowed to do on trains. Some travel agencies, if you can spare a little more money, allow tourists to hire and drive their own smaller boats even if they do not have any experience or have not driven a boat before. Tourists will be taught how to steer the boat and how to follow safety instructions. Since they hired the boat, they can also bring pets if you want or if the other passengers allow them to. These boat trips are available in the River Thames in London for about ?

5. 00 an hour or approximately ? 1000 for one week. Riding on a boat will also give more freedom compared to riding on a train which has strict scheduled stops to follow. The captain may also give passengers the choice on whether to listen to his guided tours or not. On long stops, passengers can go down from the boat and explore the destinations on foot. A boat, like trains, also saves on overnight hotel bills. Because I want to enjoy the scenery from different waterways, I have decided to take my Europe trip by boat. Smaller boats travel normally at around six kilometers per hour.

That means it will be slow enough not to make people sea-sick. Going slow, I think is the best way to travel in Europe, going from port to port and island to island from Ibiza in Spain, to the Danube in Hungary or the French Canals. It will not be advisable to be in a hurry while visiting a beautiful continent such as Europe. Reference: Poelzl, V. (n. d. ) Overland travel in Europe: Many great cheap and flexible options. Transitions Abroad. Retrieved November 13, 2007 from http://www. transitionsabroad. com/listings/travel/articles/ overland_travel_in_europe. shtml

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