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Risks of Technology

Some of the technological risks are Cyberbullying, Sexting, meeting online, unsafe communities, sharing inappropriate personal information, scams… And here we explain how to treat some of them.

Cyberbullying (How to Prevent It or Fight It)

Cyberbullying is the use of technology to harass

Sometimes, people are afraid or not sure if they’re being bullied or not. So they don’t do anything about it. If you’re being bullied, harassed, or teased in a hurtful way — or know someone who is — you don’t have to suffer in silence.

In fact, you absolutely should report any upsetting texts, messages, posts, or emails.

Benefits and risks of providing personal information on the Internet

The main risk of providing your personal information is that you don’t know who you are giving it to, so you can be a victim of identity theft, phishing, or scams. In that way, criminals can have access to your bank account, passwords and that sort of thing.

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So, briefly, people you don’t know can have access to your most intimate things. Don’t give personal info unless you are sure how it’s going to be used, and who is going to use it.

The major benefit of providing personal info is that you can get to know new people.

How to be safe from phishing and scams (email icon)

Here, we are going to teach you how to be safe from phishing and scams, which try to rob your personal information. This can be so dangerous, the owners try to steal important personal information, such as your password or personal media.

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Phishing involves highly specialized attacks against specific targets, to collect information or gain access to their personal systems.
Some tips for being safe from phishing are these:

If you have been a victim of phishing or scam, you should report it immediately to the organization or network, or even to your local police department. You should also revise if any unauthorized charge has been made. Also, it’s very important that you contact the network and close the account that the hacker has access to. Changing your passwords frequently is also a good way of being safer on the internet.

How to manage to your digital footprint:

We originate the footprint at the moment of using social networks (Instagram …). We do it voluntarily by sharing messages, photos that we find fun; and also unconsciously, when another person uploads a message or photographs of you.
So you have to be careful and know what is being put on the networks, because we do not know what use these persons can make, with our data and because we believe that this information is deleted by erasing our phones, computers, tablets … but they are always saved, since anyone has been able to download it or save it for him, to later use it when he wants.

Physical and psychological


Although we are not always aware of this, it is very harmful for us. For example, pain on shoulders, neck and back, which are caused because of a prolonged time with a bad position.
There’s also some risk of acquiring Repetitive Strain Injury because when using the computer, you repeat several movements that can cause it.
A way of making that stop is to take a rest every some time, to stretch the body and stuff.


Because of a non-responsible use of technology, the social relationships of a person can decrease, as well as their academic achievements. Computer anxiety can also appear; they are feelings of fear that occur while using a computer.

Protect private info

Sometimes, having your personal information safe can stop thefts to steal you.
Online: make sure you know who you are sharing your information with, don’t give personal information via phone.

How to use relevant and reliable info

Not using relevant info can be dangerous such as fake news were you can believe in something the fake news say, when it’s actually the opposite. You can also be ashamed because of that fake info; your classmates, teacher or boss can think of you as a fool.
Some ways of knowing the information you choose is correct, are:

  • Checking the author credentials; as there is some people that talk on the internet about things they barely understand.
  • Statistics: if you are looking for something that needs statistics and the article hasn’t got one, you shouldn’t trust on its info.
  • The whole website: sometimes the website hasn’t got the writer at the top, so you ought not to trust this webpage either.

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