Risk Factors for Violent Behavior in Prison Inmates Study Review

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I reviewed the study assessing the violence potential inside prisons. This study is entitled, “The Assessment of Violence Potential with the use of Anger, Aggression, and Communal Appeal”. Authored by Michael J. Selby, it was featured by the Journal of Personality.

Evaluative data were collected from 204 adult male imprisoned criminals incarcerated by the state of California. The prison populace housed approximately 2400 prisoners convicted of several types of felony crimes, (Selby, 1984). The sample group of inmates was created using three subcategories: (1) inmates participating in a Peer Counseling Program (n = 55), (2) inmates participating in educational programs (n = 63), and (3) the newest inmates to the facility (n = 86).

The first two subcategories accepted criticism from the evaluation scores from their involvement in the experiment. The third was grasped from a test battery as part of their opening development. The examination of all resources from which all scores were established was gathered from each tool used in this study revealed any noticeable discrepancies.

These results could aid Forensic Psychologists in a correctional setting if they are able to gain the same access from the five subcategories mentioned above.

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They can also use the following, (1) Novaco Anger Inventory, (2) Buss-Durkee Aggression Inventory, (3) MMPI Anger Scale (Ho), (4), and (5) Marlowe-Crowne Community Appeal Scale to assess a prisoner’s violence potential preceding to the meeting or counseling them (Stangor, 2011). The evaluation included all five of the subcategories and gages. The capability of the NAI, BDHI, Ho, and MCSD to possible differences between vehement and peaceful criminals, consequently provided that some evidence from the use of these instruments.

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The MMPI Hostility Control Scale (Hc) results proved not to be substantial, but the mean score fell inside the expected path (Stangor, 2011).

The “key takeaways” were: all results established the ability for the NAI, BDHI, Ho, and MCSD to successfully differentiate between violent and nonviolent convicts. This provided proof of the simultaneous validity of these tools. The conclusion for MMPI Hostility Scale (Ho), proved insignificant subsequently the mean score was also in the projected path. (Selby, 1984). These results would make it easier to foresee all vehement behavior once the inmate is released from prison back into their community.

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Risk Factors for Violent Behavior in Prison Inmates Study Review

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