Risk Assessment Worksheet Essay

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Risk Assessment Worksheet

Describe the four main topics of the framework for ecological risk analysis described in Human and Ecological Risk Assessment. The response must involve problem definition analysis, characterization, and management decision making. You may refer to the framework in ecological risk assessment as shown in Figure 6.1 (Ch. 6) in Human and Ecological Risk Assessment. The four main topics of the framework for ecological risk analysis describe would include problem formulation, the two parts of analysis the characterization of exposure, the characterization of effects and risk characterization (Environmental Protection Agency, 2002. Pgs 402-428). Problem formulation is when the risk managers work together to decide on the purpose of the assessment. They will review the sources, the stressor, and the effects that it will have.

This is the first step to evaluate the strengths and limitations of the information. Next it is necessary to evaluate the exposure aspect of the risk, and the characteristics of that exposure. The final step is the characterization, which means that after the first three parts of the assessment is complete, and then the risk managers can make their conclusion on what exactly the risk factors will be, according to exposure and effect level of the risk. How do the four main topics of the framework interrelate?

The main factor of the framework interrelates in a very specific way, all the information has to be carefully calculated and reviewed to determine what the endpoints will be. All information reviewed can lead to an endpoint and the mangers have to make sure that all information is considered., endpoint to endpoint will paint a picture of what the risk factors are, it is important for us to understand the stressors. If you do not have one the parts of the framework then you will not have a full picture of the actually risk, all factors have to be considered and analyzed.

Why is this framework important to a risk assessment? How is it used? If this framework was not considered then we would have a clear understand of what our exposure, effects of a potential risk would be to humans or any other living organisms would be. When a risk is brought to the attention of risk managers, we need to understand how every part of that risk will affect all of us. The potential problem needs to be considered by the managers that are put in charge to review this information so that we will have an informed decision. This framework paints a picture all of possible outcomes of the potential risk, whether it be small or great.

Part B: Historical Development of Risk Assessment Summary

Write a 350- to 700-word summary of at least three risk assessment innovations that were changed or developed in the past 100 years.

Use Table 1.1 (Ch. 1) in Human and Ecological Risk Assessment as a guide to understanding the origins of ecological and human risk assessment beginning with the industrial revolution. Cite at least two outside sources to summarize the risk assessment innovations.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Environmental Protection Agency 2002 Ecological Risk Assesment: History and FundamentalsWashington, DCJohn Wiley & Sons, Inc

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