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Rise of Hitler

Categories: HitlerNazi Germany
Appeasement was a popular policy because European leaders
wanted to avoid another war.

Why were idealistic supporters of the Nazi party willing to endorse Hitler’s annexation of Austria?
They wanted a quick return to the former power and glory of Germany.

Read this quotation from Winston Churchill.
“You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war.”

What does Churchill mean by his use of the word “dishonor”?

When Hitler assumed control of the Nazi party, he immediately
began enforcing his personal nationalistic and racist views.

The Third Reich based its power primarily on

Six months after the Munich Conference, Hitler annexed

What issue caused German citizens to be willing to accept new leadership?
the lack of job availability

What was one aspect of Racial Purity laws?
Marriages between Germans and Jews were prohibited.

Hitler most likely forced Jews to wear a yellow star so that Jews could
be identified and arrested more easily.

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Based upon an understanding of Nazi Germany and Hitler’s tactics, what is most likely to happen under totalitarian rule?
People lose their civil rights.

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Rise of Hitler

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