Rip Van Winkle Character

Rip Van Winkle is an extremely intriguing character due to the fact that he is really effort in the village for other individuals however doesn’t appreciate his work that requires to be done initially. Due to his laziness in character, he doesn’t look after his household neither caring nor loving his own children. However he is a very lucky guy even though he is reckless and stubborn. By falling under a twenty year sleep he manages to get away war and endure his better half.

It is very remarkable how things end up for him. Firstly his eagerness in helping other individuals in the village when they require aid is a very interesting thing to do particularly when you didn’t even do your own work. He was prepared to go to and assist anyone’s service however his own. Second of all this reveals how friendly he is towards other individuals and how reckless he is towards himself and his family.

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Due to his relationship and niceness towards other individuals in his town everybody is friendly towards him and even the pet dogs don’t even bark at him. All the kids in the town liked him for, as he taught them video games, entertained them with stories and even ladies employed him to do work that their other half won’t do for them. Rip Van Winkle never declined to assist a next-door neighbor even with the most uphill struggle such as constructing a stone fence. Rip van Winkle is extremely reckless to his family and to his work.

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The impact of his irresponsibility is that his kids get dealt with badly, using old scruffy and ripped clothing and getting no care or love from him. Another example that he is very reckless is he doesn’t look after his own farm and it is also in the worst condition of all the farms in the area.

His fences are continuously being up to pieces, his cows kept on fleing from the farm, the weeds were sure to grow quicker in his fields than anywhere else and unfortunately it constantly rained each time he had some outside work to do. He even attempts to escape duty by avoiding his wife so he does not get pushed into doing any work for his farm or take care of his kids. Finally Rip Van Winkle is a person who escapes from his wife and prevents his duties. When his wife tells him to do work or take care of his children he goes of hunting or fishing with no catch in order to lose time and not get in trouble.

He also tries to escape his wife’s loud voice and working on the farm. By falling into a twenty year long sleep in the mountains he managed to escape war and his life. Not only did he not have to die as his fellow villagers did in the war, but his wife is gone when he returns to his village In conclusion Rip Van Winkle is a very intriguing character because of the way with life, the way he works for others, and the way how he treats his own family and children. Rip Van Winkle may not be a role model in some ways but as a happy go lucky man he is the envy for many people.

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Rip Van Winkle Character

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