Riordan New System Proposal Essay

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Riordan New System Proposal

Riordan Manufacturing is a company that produces plastic from beverage containers to the automotive and aircraft industries. In order for Riordan to continue to be the leader in the polymer materials industries, they must improve there system. Finance and accounting is one of the areas to become more compatible with all of the locations that the company has. Data that is received at the main office is not complete, inacurrate and time consuming. In the finance and accounting department the lack of compatibility maks compliance with government regulations difficult. Labor ranging from processing papers and costly and labor in audits is part of the upgrade and integrated with a new software program. Sales and marketing has a need to increase their sales and strengthen their current customer base. CMS needs a new approach to increase sales and strengthen their customer base. Information for sales, major accounts, contracts, government accounts, and minor accounts of different customers. The stragety of using the internet will perform marketing campaign.

This will help to increase sales and recognition for the company and also expand the company reach and increase profitability. Human Resources system is outdated and is not meeting expectations of the company. HR has a lack of security required for personal information and organizational confidentiality. Beginning with the upgrade of internal secutity of Riordan current system. HR goal is to combine benefits, administration, payroll, recruiting and training, and performance analysis. Creating a system that will minimize the cost per associate. Implementing a new system will avoid compromising and possible legal actions from happening. Riordan will need specialize sofware for their type of operation.

A new software will allow them to operate worldwide. The software is SagePFW which will improve and capture all efficiency and merge complex manufacturing techniques. The integrating business systems and information technology will add efficiency, create a unified software system with a corporate wide database and improve communications systems. Upgrading the company system will make a difference in the time spent completing paperwork and tasks. Making these changes will help to keep the Riordan on top of the plastic industry. Keeping track of their companies monies will be more accurate and fewer errors.

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