Riordan Manufacturing Integrated Human Resource Essay

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Riordan Manufacturing Integrated Human Resource

Riordan Manufacturing is looking to integrate their existing human resource tools in use today into a single integrated application. This new system is long overdue and in order to implement a successful system certain criteria must be obtained. The first step in the process includes gathering information on the current and proposed system, setting the scope and goals for the project, and considering the projects feasibility.

Information-Gathering TechniquesA. InterviewsTo begin my research, I would take the interview approach. In order to conduct a successful interview I have create some interview criteria.

1.Determine who to interview2.Create interview questions3.Conduct the interview4.Document the interview5.Evaluate the interviewInterviews are often the best method to gather detailed information about people’s impressions, experiences, ideas, and attitudes. The interview results will give a good base for information gathering.

B.Scanning the EnvironmentMonitoring the current operating procedures will give a great deal of information about the current system. Observing everyday procedures gives factual information and allows verification of the previous interview data. Getting a firsthand perspective as well as backing previous interview research makes scanning the environment a reasonable information gathering technique.

C.Document AnalysisIn order to gather fully all the information possible, analyzing documents is a must. Organizations have countless documents and many of them pertain to the current system and are needed in the proposed system. These documents include requests for proposals, analysis of existing system, business plans, and procedures. In many cases, these documents are a key to business operations.

D.SurveysSurveys are a proven way to gather information from a large number of people. This allows for everyone involved having some kind of input in the information gathering process. Along with the ability to gather many of data using surveys, they also allow for the collection of this data fairly quickly. These surveys should provide a wide range of data pertaining to the current system and proposed system as well as data from many sources.

E. ResearchGood old fashion research is always valuable. Understanding the industry, technical materials, and current news will be a key in developing a system to meet the company’s needs. All this information can be gathered using proper research from sources such as the internet, books, and magazines. Having proper background information will allow for successful gathering of information and adequate system proposals.

Once all information is gathered, it must be validated to ensure that the information required for the project was gathered successfully. The design and construction of the system depend on the successfully gathering of information so we have the correct requirements. Waiting to long to assure proper requirements will lead to additional expenses and possible project failure.

Employing these five information gathering techniques will produce the data required to propose an integrated system for Riordan Manufacturing. Although duplicate information may be obtained, each of the five gathering techniques are in place to gather a wide range of information. With proper analysis of the gathered information, fully meeting Riordan Manufacturing’s need for a new system will be off the ground moving towards success.

ScopeThe scope of the project is to create and implement a more sophisticated, state-of-the-art, information system that will integrate Riordan’s human resource processes. This will include one unified system at the company’s headquarters in San Jose, California that integrates all the human resource processes from the four Riordan Manufacturing plants.

The current system was installed in 1992 as part of the financial systems package and keeps track of information pertaining to personal information, pay rate, personal tax exemptions, hire dates, seniority date, organizational information, and vacation hours. Any changes to this information must be submitted in writing and entered into the system by the payroll clerk. Training and development records are kept in Excel by the training and development specialist. Recruiters maintain applicant information for open positions with resumes being filed in a central store area using Excel to track applicant’s status. Riordan outsources workers’ compensation and the third-party provider keeps its own records.

Another example displaying the lack of unity between the manufacturing plants is the employee files. They are kept by individual managers who are responsible for tracking FMLA absences and any requests for accommodation under ADA. All this information is provided by Riordan Manufacturing’s intranet site and is examples of the need for an integrated system. A new state-of-the-art integrated information system would undoubtedly make operations much more efficient, effective, and money saving.

Goals associated with the achievement of the scope include•Having a database that contains human resource data from each of Riordan’s Manufacturing plants•Create a unified HRIS located at Riordan’s headquarters in San Jose, California in which all plants have access.

•Implement all Riordan’s current and future information into the new systemFeasibility of the ProjectThe feasibility of the project will be determined by many factors. These factors include1.Does Riordan have enough experience to use newer technology2.Will the new system allow for efficient, effective, and cost reduction of Human resource operations?3.Does management support the addition of a new system?4.Will the addition of the system meet the time line?5.Can the hardware, software, and network resources be effectively acquired?

6.Does the successful implementation of a new HRIS outweigh the costs?7.Will the new system allow for future expansion?8.Will there be end user support for the new system?The answer to all these questions is “yes.” The project is feasible for Riordan Manufacturing and necessary. The successful implementation will undoubtedly create a more efficient human resources department. The current workforce will be trained in the new system allowing Riordan to keep its current employees without reduction. Up to this point all necessary steps have been taken to successfully implement a new HRIS into Riordan Manufacturing.


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