Riordan Industries Essay

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Riordan Industries

Riordan Manufacturing is a global plastics manufacturer employing 550 people with projected annual earnings of $46 million. The company is wholly owned by Riordan Industries, a Fortune 1000 enterprise with revenues in excess of $1 billion. The company’s products include plastic beverage containers produced at its plant in Albany, Georgia, custom plastic parts produced at its plant in Pontiac, Michigan, and plastic fan parts produced at its facilities in Hangzhou, China. The company’s research and development is done at the corporate headquarters in San Jose. Riordan’s major customers are automotive parts manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, the Department of Defense, beverage makers, bottlers, and appliance manufacturers (Group, 2005, 2006, 2012, 2013).

In accordance with Riordan Manufacturing’s corporate governance policies Riordan Manufacturing board of directors carries the responsibility of the management of business affairs of the company in accordance with state corporation requirements, the Articles of Incorporation, and its by-laws. The encompassing role of the board is to govern and manage the affairs of the company for the benefit of shareholders. The board endeavors to fulfill its obligations through oversight of quality management personnel, who carry out the daily activities on behalf of the board of directors of Riordan (Group, 2005, 2006, 2012, 2013). The key stakeholders in Riordan Manufacturing in regard to gathering information vital to business operations are the COO, IT department manager, the head Director of HR or HR personnel and the CEO. Project managers must communicate closely with the finance or accounting department to ensure the project stays within the agreed upon budget.

Key Stakeholders Job Descriptions:

COO – senior manager, responsible for the management of a company’s day-to-day operations. The COO reports to the organizations assigned chief executive officer of CEO. CEO – The CEO’s duties include developing, implementing efficient strategies, making important decisions, and managing over all company operations. The CEO is basically a mediator between the company’s board of directors and company operations. Director of HR – works to develop strategies, identify human resources, researches human resource issues, provides information, analysis, and provides recommendations to the organization. IT Department – key role is to provide information technology that will enable the required individuals to complete their tasks in an efficient manner through the means of analysis design, procurement, implementation, operation, and provides needed support (science, 2013).

Hugh McCauley the COO of Riordan manufacturing submitted service request SR-rm-022 to Smith Services Consulting. The request is to assist in the design and implementation of the new HR system. Smith Systems Consulting, Inc. has the competencies, technology, skills, and capabilities, to join in realizing the purposed strategy, from concept to a fully functional Web site, built with an up-to-date programming, database, and networking tools, methods, and techniques. Once your site is deployed, SSC can help optimize operations through highly responsive support and high availability maintenance services (Group, 2005, 2006, 2012, 2013). Riordan Manufacturing will integrate various up to date tools into one application using existing tools within the company’s HR system. The system integration will compact all locations. Basically Riordan manufacturing will upgrade the company’s HR information system.

The organization plans to use the latest technology to accomplish their project or goal. The goal is to design the new system, determine a project completion date, establish a plan to implement the project, and to test the system for the correcting or tweaking of any errors that may occur. The project manager should provide additional time for testing to ensure the system performs in an efficient manner and meets the company’s expectations. The expectations of Riordan Manufacturing are to define the business requirements for the development of an HR system to support the objective of this request. Create a detailed system design and a project implementation plan required to complete the project. The project should be completed in approximately six months, so the new system can be used in the second quarter of next year (Group, 2005, 2006, 2012, 2013).

Gathering information is important to the success of the project. Detailed information must be provided; the information should be as accurate as possible. Key stakeholders should be identified, and detailed project description’s made available to the stakeholders to ensure that each member of the team understands his or her required project tasks. The team member should sign a document acknowledging his or her duties. The IT department will be the key factor in the gathering of information.

Riordan Manufacturing IT departmental employees will analyze research, test, provide necessary feedback and make suggestions in regard to successfully intergrading the new system with the existing tools or system. Detailed information to project status and problem reports will be provided to the project manager during each stage of system integration or upgrade process. The project manager will accept and review feedback made available to him or her from department managers related to the project. The project will be completed in phases. Each phase plays a vital role in the success of the project.

Project Phases:

•Preliminary analysis
•Systems analysis
•Requirements definition
•Systems design
•Integration and testing, acceptance, installation, deployment

Anyone who has ever completed a project will surely have tales of how scope changes have had a negative overall affect. Scope change is bound to happen and is expected in most cases, but the goal is to keep the scope of the project as focused in hopes of creating a straight of a line communication from the team and client’s goal. The project scope is very important to the success of the overall project. Changes in the project scope can case negative project issues. Staying focused helps to maintain a straight line between the project manager or team to the clients goal. A post project review process should be completed. The process will consist of various activities completed by the project team (Wich, 2009).

The process should take place at the end of the project’s life cycle, enabling the team to gather data or information in reference to what applications or tools worked and which ones did not. This will enable future projects to benefit from the material or information learned by the prior team or project manager (Wich, 2009). There are various areas of the project considered feasible; these areas are examined in the analysis phase of the SCLC. Out of all the models System Development Life Cycle known as the SDLC model is one of the most accepted models. The SDLC is also well-known for the classic Life cycle model or waterfall method. The process of reviewing project information start in key areas such as purpose of the process, scope of the process, and the roles in the process, this will ensure the success of the project.

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