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Essay on Rights

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Mortgage of Land as Security Under the Land Use Act 1978

That way, the mortgagee will have a prior right to the compensation money. In the absence of legislation, it is advisable the mortgagee ensures that a covenant is included in the mortgage deed to the effect that in the event of the Right of Occupancy being revoked the mortgage debt shall be secured additionally on any compensation payment due to the mortgagor in respect of the unexhausted improvem...

Analysis of Old Major Speech from Animal Farm

This rhythm builds tension and sets the animals on even higher mutiny. By close inspection one will find the use of alliteration illustrated by “breath in our bodies”. Here again the smoothness and therefore the resulting rightness of Old Major’s words. In addition, he makes use of figurative language. The metaphor “those of us who are capable of it are forced to work to the last atom of o...

Eddie Mabo's Fight for Rights

He also worked at Captain Cook University as a gardener, where he listened to lectures and browsed the library.On the 3rd of June, 1923 (ten years after Mabo’s legal battle), the Australian High Court ruled that the Meriam Aboriginal people, held native tittle and ownership over Murray Island. This decision ended Terra Nullius and recognised native land rights in Australia. In 1993 Federal Parli...

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Myne Owne Ground

The text shows how African Americans in the seventeenth century had the rights to living free among whites where segregation was not a factor in everyday life. The title of the book Myne Owne Ground means that if you are not allowed to go after liberty and freedom or own land, then freedom isn’t really free. It means in order to be truly equal, you must own your own land. Giving African American...

Separation of Singapore from Malaysia

11. Separation 7 Aug 1965 Tunku Abdul Rahman announced that Malaysia will “expel” Singapore. 9 Aug 1965 Lee Kuan Yew announced attainment of full independence. Singapore became a Republic Head of State – the President Legislative Assembly was renamed Parliament, members known as Members of Parliament. 12. Challenges ahead Economic – No natural resources and industries were not well-develop...

Miranda Rights vs Arizona’s Supreme Court

Miranda was then found guilty and he was convicted and sentenced to 20-30 years in prison on each count. The conviction was then upheld due to the fact the Miranda’s attorney appealed to Arizona’s Supreme Court which then led to the case being appealed to the United States Supreme Court which also connected the case with four other similar ones. The court later came to an agreement that it is ...

Reflection on Third Amendment and My Rights

Engblom v. Carey is the only known and documented case that violates the third amendment right. Engblom v. Carey was a U.S. court case decided by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. Hugh L. Carey was being sued because he evicted state penitentiary officials so he could house the National Guard. This was because the officials were on strike and the National Guard were serving as temporary guards....

Controversy of Individual Right and Public Order Advocates

I believe this section of the PATRIOT act derived from the disappearance of Mohamad Salman Hamdani. Patriot Act affects foreign travelers more than anyone, as it denies due process to a foreign visitor. This is unconstitutional as the American Government is supposed to grant due process to everyone. Law enforcement agencies must still obtain a warrant to conduct surveillance but probable cause is ...

The Unfair Contract Terms Act

Although the reasonableness test and the test for unfairness are not the same, they may well lead to the same result in practice. There is some established guidance on reasonableness under the 1977 Act. The OFT publishes guidance on unfair terms, which takes with the decision of the House of Lords in Director General of Fair Trading v First National Bank plc [2001] UKHL, [2002] 1 AC 481 and subseq...

Desmond Mpilo Tutu

He has become an icon of hope far beyond the Church and Southern Africa. Tutu is chairman of the Elders, an independent group of influential people chosen for their outstanding integrity, courage and proven ability to tackle some of the world’s toughest problems. Tutu officially retired from public life on the 7th of October 2010. However, he continues with his involvement with the Elders and hi...

Theory On Deontology

With Kant’s theory I believe we can make a more sound argument as an approach to ethics. With Kant we have to take situations and become very specific with them. We focus on what the action is and universalize it. That way no matter where in the world it can apply to everyone and won’t contradict itself. Then and only then we decided if it is morally right. Also Kant’s theory is good because...

Copyright in Business and Private Cases

The watermark cannot be adjusted or changed by the user of the image or text. Even though browsers all for the copying of information it is important to never use another person works without notifying them and receiving their consent to use their material. It is crucial that you ask for the permission to use anything created by someone else on the Web and that you properly cite your sources for t...

The Open Door Policy With China

Each nation tried to ignore the request saying that they could not commit until all of the other nations had complied, but in July 1900 Hay announced that each nation had granted consent. The only nations that voiced concern were Russia and Japan. The Open Door Notes was an important document, and it greatly benefitted China. Even though John Hay’s Open Door Notes were written to help America, t...

The Three-Fifths Compromise

The Three-fifths Compromise was not the only discussion of slavery at the convention.  The fate of slaves was also mention in a clause called the Northwest Ordinance.  This ordinance promised that any slave who escaped to the Northwest would be returned to their owners.   Along with this ordinance was the fugitive slave clause, that resulted in the illegal capture of numerous free blacks who f...

Struggle Between the Rights of Freeman and the Mass Efforts to Destroy

Even though he desires to be "allied with the best minds in Europe- kings, philosophers, scientists, and ecclesiasts of all churches," he, unlike Danforth and the court officials, refuses to let his personal ambition come in the way of administering justice fairly. He even rejects his religious doctrine in the name of justice, claiming that "life... life is God's most precious gift; no principle, ...

Example of violation of the rights of the child

The decision followed the rise in cases of assault on teachers and gangsterism in schools. It was recommended that only certain teachers be empowered to cane students. Ideally, they should have at least 10 years of teaching experience and be married with children. 45 VI The secretary-general of the National Union of the Teaching Profession, Lok Yim Pheng, admitted that there are other ways of disc...

The Concept of a Right

Discipline practically speaking is more about the fulfillment of exploited people and the individuals who care about them. This strays into the domain of reprisal, which can be commonly more extreme than reparation as the harmed party looks to influence the other individual to endure consequently. In such cases 'equity' is ordinarily characterized sincerely rather that with purpose for decency or ...

General Will According to Rousseau's Philosophy

While speaking about the general will and the law-making process, one of the first things that come to the mind is that who should implement those laws? Should there be any coordinating body to handle all the problems that may endanger the general will? Rousseau believed that to maintain the public good; the general will needs an institution that will support it. Apart from the legislator, there i...

Rights of Disabled Children and Young People

The mission statement of our school states thatwe believe that everyone is equal,everyone is different, everyone is welcomeand everyone achieves their best.At Linthorpe Community Primary School (LCPS) they believe in inclusion for all the children and value all the children. They believe that all children have an equal right to education, which enables them to fully develop their personal, social ...

Acts and Law of Trade Marks

Section 12 (1) of the Trademark Act enlists the requirements that should be met in order for a trademark to be registrable thus if the defendant manages to prove that the requirements for registration of a trademark were not adhered to by the original trademark owner, then the junior mark can be registered. In conclusion, a person who register a trademark enjoys the exclusive right to use that tra...

Olympe De Gouge's declaration

The revolution was a perfect time for her to make an impact with some rights and duties for women and in the process, prise away some of the power from the higher powers and keep it away from the working class. I think that, when looked at from this point of view, it is clear to see that the 'Declaration des droits des femmes' was deliberately aimed at her fellow bourgeoisie, and that it had many ...

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