Right to property Essay

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Right to property

The mere thought of depriving a person of his right to property pertaining to his job is a sure mockery of one’s right to life and liberty. Our most august body, members of the proposition side, adjudicators, ladies and gentlemen, good day to all of you. It is respectfully submitted by the opposition side that the operation of Carolcon Metals as a mining industry should not be relocated to Greentag by reason of respecting the property rights of a great number of individuals.

With that, my first argument is anchored on the fact that employment with respect to mining companies should be favorable to production workers as recommended by the government. According to the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities relating to mining should be favorable for construction, extraction and production workers ( “Mining”, 2007, p. 1). It is obvious that the government knows that every person deserves the right to be respected in matters of their job.

It is true that Carolcon Metals needed to relocate to prevent great loss of profits, but relocation is not the only alternative to solve the problem. This is because re-assessment of business strategies is better than relocating. What must be done by the mining company in question is to create and develop new business strategies without letting their employees loose their jobs in Minnesota. Aside from that, there is an impending long-term negative effects on moving to countries with lower wages and fewer environmental and safety restrictions.

This practice of companies might hamper the potential of every citizen to improve in their own countries. Many years later, this will cause the people to relocate to other countries leaving its own place and the forgetting the capacity it can give to improve their own country. Ladies and gentlemen, let Greentag solve their own unemployment problems. It was not our concern. Minnesota should maintain the presence of Carolcon Metals only that this time, production of more unique and patented products be made and new markets be tapped to improve its status. Thus, we beg to oppose.

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