“Right to lie” by Robert Kasanoff Essay

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“Right to lie” by Robert Kasanoff

In his article “ Right to lie”, Robert Kasanoff claims that right to lie should exist. He shows us many different situations, where lies exist. He also explains where lie can actually be useful. Robert tells us about lie in personal relationships, government and even dreams. He also believes that lie can be risky sometimes but it still there. Robert Kasanoff supports his position with the discussion of government’s lies. He shows us some cases where citizens just have to deal with the government’s lie. However, personally speaking, lies should not exist though it is merely impossible for people to be honest all the time. Even today, we can see lots of people lost in lies, forgetting what truth was with no friends around. My own experience shows that lies are disruptive to sound personal relations. Looking back at myself three years ago, I had lost one of my dearest friends to me due to lies. I have known my best friend Jessica for almost 10 years. We used to hang out together and share secrets with each other. Nevertheless, as time goes by, we become somehow distant. I gradually go out with other friends, making up some plausible excuses to avoid meeting her. When she asked me to accompany her, I tended to lie to her. I always told her that I was busy with studying or my mum forbid me to go out.

Actually, I probably was having a good time with other friends when she is alone. Once, I told her that I was doing homework at home to refuse to watch a movie with her. Unfortunately, we came across each other in the theatre! She was with her new friends and other friends accompanied me. I was so embarrassed and ashamed that I could not look into her eyes. Since she found that I lied to her many times, she was furious and has never talked to me any more. I was so regretful for what I have done. I finally realized that people who you lie to are the ones who trust in you. In addition, the recent incident of ‘missing Malaysia Airlines flight’ is another good example to show that lies can lead people to a worse situation. Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared on 8 March 2014 carrying 227 passengers and 12 crews.

Both Vietnam and China were striving to seek for the missing airplane, while Malaysia government asserted that they found no remains in their mare clausum and no contacts of the jet had been updated. Actually, Malaysia government made up a lie to the public. They once received signals sent from the jet, but they hided the information from the public. This deed irritated all the family members of the missing passengers. Moreover, the reputation of Malaysia government tarnished greatly due to the fact that people accused it for lying and hiding information to the public.

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