Right boss wrong company

In this case study we will discuss managerial and leadership styles. How the two managers differ in their leadership styles and managerial practices and how each of their managerial styles effected the employees of fancy footwear.

2.1 Max Worthy had an autocratic leadership style (linked to theory X) the manager might allow group involvement but decision making remains at the top of the organisation. Max Worthy was leading directing, determining what must be done in a situation and getting people to do it.

He had a decisional role, which requires decision making.

He also had discipline, this was effective in creating a confident, well managed business. This effected the employees in a way that the employees knew where there place was and want to do, or though they did not communicate or see much of Max Worthy this system was working well at fancy footwear business environment.

Brenda Hogan had a democratic leadership style associated with M.C. Gregor’s theory Y, will guide and advise, but will also involve the group in decision making.

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This was a very different leadership style then Max Worthy, it effected the employees in a big way as it was a change of from want they were used to for so many years under Max Worthy, they did not want to contribute to any other new function due to the lack of motivation from when Max Worthy was leader, they felt so used to his leadership style. They never saw Max Worthy much but they felt at least he did not get in there way.

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2.2 The managerial practices that is evident from a theoretical perspective in the case study. In my view they had scientific management, by getting things done through others. The contingency the characteristics of the environment to determine the design of the organisation’s structure and control systems had a stable with mechanistic structure centralised authority, vertical communication flows, control through strict rules and procedure.

The functions of management that was evident in fancy footwear was planning deciding want needs to be done, organising making optimum use of resources. Leading/Directing determining what must be done and getting people to do it, and finally controlling checking progress against plans. Brenda Hogan brought human relations to her managerial practice she took an interest in her employees, and consulted with them more then Max Worthy ever did. Brenda Hogan was a well-trained facilitator.

2.3 Max Worthy and Brenda Hogan differ a lot in there managerial and leadership styles, with Max Worthy he used a directive and leading approach he was transactional authoritarian, his traits are that he set goals individually, engages primarily in one way, downward communication, controls discussion with followers donates interactions have all the focus given to the task. Max Worthy was mostly an absentee autocrat. Brenda Hogan was a democratic transformational leadership style, sharing the decision making abilities with her employees.

The democratic participation has the notion that everyone by virtue of human statues should play a part in the group’s decision making. Brenda Hogan was a motivator and was to challenge and inspire her employees she became a more active member then her predecessor Max Worthy. Brenda would be organising groups she established a worker productivity group a suggestion of the week committee, an environmental group, a worker award group, and a management relations group.

Schultz & Schultz psychology and work today (2010) pg. 201-202 David Floyd Letts Business Studies (2011) pg. 197-199

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