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Euros right

The radical right refers to parties with two basic characteristics. To begin with their perception of the nation is more ethnic than anything else and consequently they aim at defending the country from any possible external threats (Art, 2007, Pp 332). Right-wing parties are also populist in nature due to the fact that their political… View Article

Do I have the right to end my own life?

Looking back, the above-quoted article was only a prophecy in 1979 but around five years later, the prediction became a reality in Oregon. As of 2004, euthanasia was legal in Oregon. “Currently in the United States the only state where physician-assisted dying, in the form of assisted-suicide, is legal is in Oregon” (Zanskas, and Coduti,… View Article

Employee right case study bea

The Pledge of Loyalty is part of the baptismal of fire when you enter an organization. When you become part of a group, you are obliged to follow the pledge or if you cannot, just leave. And this will play a crucial role in the discussion of this case study. On the first question of… View Article