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Richard vs Richmond Essay

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1. The first “recruitment” poem, named Fall In follows the style of a simple ABABCDCD pattern, found most commonly within poems. However the second of which is the focus of our analysis, In Flanders Field, is much different. The first verses pattern is AABBA whereas the second verse is different yet again. “Fall In” has a style the is a lot more colloquial then “Flanders Field” relying on using more slang terms to attract the attention of the reader while “Flanders Field” has a tone that is a lot more easy going and not as in your face.

2. “Fall In” is much lengthier than “Flanders Field”; its words are much more direct and to the point. It contains questions that would make young men think about; how would their families and friends think about them given that they made the choice not to go to war. “Flanders field” arouses the memories of fallen friends and family members within the minds of men throughout the land, persuading and coercing them to join the ranks with many others.

3. The first poem “Fall In” is attempting to recruit young men to the forces by using what could be assumed as a sort of blackmail tactic. One can only assume that at the time of its publication the words found within its verses would have struck several chords in the hearts of the audience of young men, no doubt accomplishing its task; relying heavily on planting the seed of doubt into the minds of the young men, making them wonder just what indeed their family, friends and potential partners and children would think of their actions and absence from the forces during their country’s time of need.

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“In Flanders Field” follows a totally different path. I feel its words are meant to reverberate mostly in the hearts of those who have lost loved ones to war before; its words encourage those young people to pick up the torch and pride and carry it anew. I think personally that this poem would appeal to the more highly educated members of society, its words and underlying message would probably be more attractive to those with a higher education and a deeper understanding for poetry; “Fall In” uses colloquial language, slang and terms used on the street at the time, it would be much more likely to be understood by the lower class of educated men.

4. Despite my earlier comment that the second of the two poems under analytical scrutinising, I find the poem “Fall In” much more affective. It is easy to see how the questions would arose feelings within a young man of the time, not so much forcing but using a clever play on words to make them think that they would be lesser men if they did not do what many other men were doing and signing up for the forces. Being coerced and herded like so many sheep before them.

5. The structure of the first poem “War Exalts” is an unusual one, it is made up of question and answers throughout; one question is cheering on the war effort and the act of war itself while the reply completely disagrees with it, using religion as a main argument in retort. “Anthem for Doomed Youth” is a sonnet while the other is not; it follows the standard Shakespearean style consisting of 14 lines and five syllables per line. Both poem and sonnet respectively rely on de-idolising war itself; trying, one can only assume, to show the deadlier side to it by bringing attention to the point that not every one comes back alive to be praised by their loved ones, many will mourn. Too many.

6. I feel on a personal level that the shorter of the two poems is much more affective, this is due mainly to its mention of God. Most armies will use God to raise the morale of their troops, or simply to give good reasoning to their cause; with God on their side how could they lose? “War Exalts” will raise the question within any religious mind; what exactly does God think of war itself? To see your creations killing themselves in your name would upset anyone. Beliefs are harder to change, people fight against them and don’t wish to have them altered, is it not better to have a good idea? Truthfully and from the heart this poem touched me, bringing to mind yet again the family members that have, and still are, fighting overseas in the name of God and country. Truly an affective poem.

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