Rice dishes Essay

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Rice dishes

The famed George Bernard Shaw once proclaimed “There is no love sincerer than the love of food. ” I couldn’t agree more. I, myself, am something of a food enthusiast. And my favorite food is biryani. You just cannot go wrong with it. You just cannot. Even the most critical and picky individuals cannot resist indulging themselves when it takes “center stage” on the dinner table. Biryani is the name and stuffing one’s face is the game. Biryani is, by far, my most favorite dish. I can’t emphasize that enough.

And those who aren’t exactly on the same page as me or aren’t even familiar with the book I am so fixated upon “oughtta” be ashamed of themselves. But that’s alright I guess, as I will take some precious time from my schedule to shed some revealing light to the “underprivileged. ” Biryani has everything. It has great taste, a unique taste, a variety of taste, it even smells great, it’s better than anything you can or want to compare it to, and you should most definitely eat it every day. This is an ode to biryani.

Biryani originated from the Indian subcontinent and spread to a few countries in the surrounding areas. As a result different variations of the dish sprung about. All the variations of the dish taste pretty great in their own right. That’s miracle number one. The dish is so beautiful that even when made with a few slip-ups it turns out not only edible but quite tasty. You can only say that about a few other dishes, if any at all. But the biryani that will make any reader of this salivate and have hunger pains originated in the state of AP [abbreviated] in India.

There exists a city in this state that we call Hyderabad and the biryani there…well let’s just keep it simple and say when I first had the biryani from there I thought I passed away and ended up just short of heaven. But I was okay with it because it was absolutely delicious. I’ll admit that I am a tad bit biased with regards to the biryani from Hyderabad due to it being the place of my birth and my parents’. [From now on, I am referring to Hyderabadi biryani when I write biryani unless stated otherwise] Just a touch though I assure you.

Let’s get a move on shall we? Biryani is a rice dish. You add a ton of Indian spices as well as vegetables such as mint, and pepper, etc. Then you can either opt to with chicken, seafood, or beef/veal. You can’t go wrong with either. Then you can add plain yogurt with vegetables amongst other things or you can use specific eggplant gravy. They both complement the biryani really well so there are no losers here. The smell will arouse your nose once it is done cooking and sometimes if you cook it well the arousal will begin while the dish is in the cooking process.

When you are eating, your tongue will feel as your body does and some unspecified parts do when you make love to the person of your dreams. It is that good! The dish encompasses every great taste that was created and you’ll see, smell, and taste what sets it apart from absolutely any other food in this world. It’s spicy but just the right amount. And you can adjust it based on your spice standard. I promise you won’t need to. It’s a bit tangy but not too much. The only word that does it even a minuscule amount of justice is refreshing.

I cannot do disservice to the dish by describing it any other way. If dishes were creatures, every dish other than biryani would be human, plant or animal and biryani would be a superior extra-terrestrial or the God of all dishes. Understood? I was directed to compose this paragraph with the objective of describing the taste and smell. UI thought about it hard and long and I decided that I would describe it by writing about how it made me feel and using comparisons and parallels simply because there is no way to describe biryani.

I discussed the process so as to give an idea of what the ingredients combined would taste like, But I’m helpless if was to try to define it further. Biryani tastes like ….. [Fill in the blanks with all your personal taste preferences except for sweet]. Biryani is king! There are many similar foods in terms of appearance and texture characteristics simply due to the fact that biryani’s base product is plain white rice. But to me the only real competition biryani has if we are talking about taste is stirred fried rice with shrimps and even that doesn’t stand a chance.

So imagine stirred fried rice but like 10-15 times better realistically speaking. Biryani is better because it has all the tastes that stirred fried rice has and more. Stir fry is like the Neanderthal while biryani is the homo-sapien. It’s like an evolution. Imagine that. How much more improved is the homo-sapien than the Neanderthal? Calculate accordingly how much better biryani is than stirred fried rice. And if stirred fried rice is that far behind all these other foods are…you get the idea. Everything in terms of taste is enhanced while there are more desirable features added.

Biryani is healthier too. You can make it with white, red, or sea food meat. More variety? Check. You cannot make stir fry without citric acid and large amounts of vinegar. And sure it tastes pretty great, have some health benefits, and help you give the proper amount of protein or whatever it maybe but it won’t give you nearly all of what you need. It is highly probable that its harms outweigh its benefits. Be ready for heart burns and heart attacks. I apologize for the brashness. Biryani is king and stirred fried rice is a prince, and hardly that.

While eating stirred fried rice, you’ll think to yourself “Man this needs more salt, spice. It would be perfect if the meat were more cooked, left to thaw more. This, that and a third and etc. If only it … ” Well those needs and ifs add up to make a majestic dish called biryani. The impossible simply becomes biryani: so much better than stirred fried rice and all the other dishes don’t even compare. “How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth,” said Sherlock Holmes. He was talking about biryani.

You just lost your job. You get home and all your cats passed away. No girl/guy likes you. And while you go outside to get some supplies your house burns down. [email protected]#! No worries. All you have to do is get some biryani and it’ll almost be like you passed away and ended up right underneath heaven. So if your days are any less stressful than the one described than you have no right to complain unless you still feel down after indulging in some biryani. And if you still feel down, you probably have no hope. Yup biryani is that damn good man. That’s why you, I, and everyone SHOULD eat it every day.

It’ll make the worst of one’s days into solid ones and cheer one up after a brutal day in the lab. It is also quite healthy. It is not unhealthy unless you have an unhealthy fetish of an ingredient, whether it be you loving green peppers or salt. It’s all about moderation. Other foods when cooked with moderation of ingredients end up being a little too this or a little too that. Biryani works baby. It provides crabs, protein, lipids, and even vitamins such as vitamin c and d. Biryani can be found in many places especially in Chicago where there is a dense sub-continental population.

There are also several ready-made mixes where you just cook with a plain rice, and get a solid biryani product. Time is of the essence and you won’t need to spend hours in the kitchen. Cooking it, whether from a ready-made mix packet or from scratch, is not very time consuming. Numerous benefits and an absence of side effects. Sounds lovely doesn’t it? Why not eat healthy, pleasurably, tasty, and without too much preparation? There are never losers with biryani. Biryani is king! All in all, biryani is my most beloved and favorite dish.

And as I said before, I am a food enthusiast, so my tongue has been around. I know taste. Whether you eat to live or live to eat, biryani is the way to go. It tastes like Zeus’s dinner, is so much better than stirred fried rice and better than anything Paula Deen can cook, and should be eaten every day for any food reason one can possibly think of. Side effects are nonexistence while the benefits are numerous like the members of the feline family. So head to Devon Ave [Little India] and Hyderabad House and grab yourself a few plates. And remember biryani is king!

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