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Rhetorical Strategies for Distinct Image Ads in Same Product Essay

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Rhetorical Strategies for Distinct Image Ads in Same product Advertisement is a form of communication intended to persuade consumers to purchase or to accept the ideas, products or services. Advertising persuasion strategy not only has logic, but also has a unique artistry that advertisers use to find many effective persuasions for various kinds of target markets. Different ways to persuade customers for the same product could have distinct effects by analyzing targets, appeal methods, and angles of vision. Two different image advertisements for watches are analyzed with rhetorical strategies thereinafter, which have entirely distinct groups of the target audiences.

The first ad analyzed is an ad for the Witinauer Watch in Essence Magazine, which displays a young woman in her late 20s holding a Witinauer Watch. The color of the background of the Witinauer Watch ad is black. The woman’s face occupies almost the entire upper right corner of the ad.

Half of her face is showing, from the lower half of her nose to her chin.

A light comes from the upper right onto her face, shadowing a small section below her nose and lips. Her neck is in darkness. She has a slightly parted mouth with bright red glossy lips. Exposed are her last three fingers of the right hand, which have finger nails the same red color as the lips. Those three fingers stick out from the darkness holding onto the top watch links of the Wittnuer Watch next to the right corner of her mouth. The watch is in front of the background. The color of the watch is silver, and its shape is elliptical. Around the watch face and links appear to be diamonds. The shapes of the diamonds which stand for the numbers of time on the watch face are similar to a parallelogram. The word “WITTNAUER” and a straight line with a small “w” in the middle are on the upper middle of the dial, and the word “SWISS” is located to the middle bottom of the dial. There are words “Into the Night” with white color and Times New Roman font in front of the shadow of her lips.

On the right side bottom there is the logo “WITTNAUER” in yellow, Times New Roman font and Calibri font for the word “SWISS.” In front of the background, on the left side bottom there are two jewelry company names: Zales and Gordon’s Jewelers. Their websites are also listed. On the left side of the ad, in a vertical direction, are the identifier and the watch website. The second ad analyzed is an ad for a Rolex Watch in Outside Magazine, which displays a man who is in his 50s, wearing a Rolex Watch. There are two parts of the Rolex Watch ad: the main color of the upper five sixths is dark colored and the bottom is dark green. In the above five sixths of the ad, the color gradually fades from the four corners to the words on the upper left. On the upper left, there are seven rows of words: the first six rows are the interview of the man, and the last row is the advertising slogan. The man with short hair folds his arms, smiling, looking towards the lens camera on the right hand side.

He is wearing a gray anorak jacket, and wearing a Rolex Watch on his left hand. Under his right arm there is a coil of blue and white climbing rope. In front of the background, a silver round shaped Rolex Watch is on the left bottom. The watch links are connected with oblong blocks. There are twelve even numbers that lap around the watchcase, and are separated by inverted triangles. There are sixty minute marks and twelve geometric shapes around the white dial. An inverted triangle is on the top of the middle of the watch; two rectangles mark the quarter of an hour. There are four different shaped hands behind the glass: the hour hand has two bars with an object like a Mercedes–Benz logo on the end of the bars. The minute hand also has two bars; the second hand has a long single bar with a circle near the end of the bar.

There is also a red hand with a triangle at the end of the bar. The logo of the watch has two parts: the above is a shape of a golden royal crown, and the bottom is the word “ROLEX” with white color and Times New Roman font. There is a Rolex logo with several words on the middle upper of the dial, two rows of words just below the center, and two words on the middle bottom. In the lower right of the watch, in front of the dark green background, there are words “OYSTER PERPERTUAL EXPLORERⅡ” with white color and Arial Unicode MS font. On the right corner, in front of the dark green background, there is a Rolex logo and its website below. On the middle bottom, there are two rows about the product official contact number and sponsoring brands. Although both ads are all about watch, the target market strategies are distinguished. The appeals for the Rolex Watch ad and the Wittnauer Watch ad are logos, ethos and pathos. Both ads use logos, logical evidences to support the value of the products. For example, the Rolex Watch is on the arm of a rugged-looking man, and the Wittnauer Watch is in the hand of a sexy beautiful model.

Equally important, in the Rolex Watch ad and the Wittnauer Watch ad, the watch is on the left because English is read from left to right, so the watch is the first thing that the reader sees. Likewise, the two ads use ethos to emphasize the characters of the products to obtain the trustworthiness from readers. For instance, the model of the Rolex Watch ad is a sports star that has a high status in the adventure world. His name is Ed Viesturs, a famous high–altitude mountaineer who achieves marvelous achievements. The model has a high status in the adventure world. It indicates that the Rolex Watch is so famous that well–known people support it as well. People who like adventure will be attracted by this ad because of him. The Wittnauer Watch ad provides a famous brand as well. There are two well known jewelry companies’ names that appear in the ad, Zales and Gordon’s Jewelers. They are the sellers of the diamond–shaped watch.

This improves the market value of the Wittnauer Watch. Both of the ads use a famous person or brand to appeal credibility to readers. Furthermore, both the Wittnauer Watch ad and the Rolex Watch ad have pathos. In the Rolex Watch ad, the word “Rolex, a crown for every achievement” appears after the introduction of the model. This attracts people who are successful or want to be an achievement because it makes a belief for readers, and makes people feel happy and proud when they are imaging having this product. Similarly, the Wittnauer Watch ad is favored by women because the surface of it is full of diamonds, which makes the watch look more glorious. Compared with the Rolex Watch ad and the Wittnauer Watch ad, both of them appeal to readers by logos, ethos and pathos. After analyzing the target audiences for both ads, the advertisers tried to persuade their target viewers by the angle of vision.

In both of the Wittnauer Watch ad and the Rolex Watch ad, the products are in visible locations that it catches readers’ eyes. The watch in the Wittnauer Watch ad is in front of the dark background and most of the surface of the watch appears to be diamonds, which makes the watch dazzling. It shows this product is not only a watch, but also jewelry. Similarly, in the Rolex Watch ad, the watch appears from the dark background. The big round shape, large lap around–numbers, sporty clock hands, and geometric shapes makes the watch look like a timer, but not only a simple watch. In addition, the ads use different types of models to express different types of watches. The model of the Wittnauer Watch ad is a mature young lady. Her three long fingers and bright red glossy lips show a very sexy beautiful woman, which shows a rich high status. As well, the model in the Rolex Watch ad is a 50–year old rugged-looking man, and expresses that this man is full of experiences.

Furthermore, the object or the words in the ads help to explain the product or introduce the model. In the Wittnauer Watch ad, the word “Into the Night” beside the watch, which appears from the dark, means the watch is as bright as a diamond at night. This shows how luxury the watch is. Likewise, in the Rolex Watch ad, the grey anorak jacket and the coiled blue and white climbing rope under the male model’s right arm helps to indicate the model as a mountaineer. Overall, the angles of vision of these two ads use the watch impression, selected models, property, and background to convince their potential customers. In conclusion, advertisers use many strategies to attract their target audience.

They are very intelligent that they can take a simple product and turn it into the perfect thing for a certain group of consumers. Using angle of vision and Aristotelian Appeals of logos, ethos and pathos, advertisers to convince audiences their products will make them glamorous, athletic or successful. These advertisements are very attractive, but consumers should not just believe the advertisers because ad is a persuasive tool that it only shows their target audience the impressive parts of products. Consumers should concern more about the reality that whether these products are worth to purchase. They must consider the facts.

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