Rhetorical Devices in Letter From a Birmingham Jail

On April 19, 1963, Dr. King Jr wrote a detailed letter from Birmingham Jail reply to some of the public releases which were about undermining his fight for civil equality. In the letter, Dr.King Jr. wrote to address the biggest issue in Birmingham and the United States at the time of racism. King Jr addressed the critics been received by clergymen. In the letter he discusses the great injustices happening toward Africa American and the black community in Birmingham. In the letter, he writes in a way that makes his argument approachable; saying he isn’t attacking his opposition.

He expressed his differing views and defended his ideals and actions through Aristotle’s three rhetorical devices, ethos, logos, and pathos in the letter.


Have we know Martin Luther King Jr. wrote the Letter from Birmingham Jail but not all of the US knows he wrote it because he was tired of being told to be patient and to wait. And Wanted those white Alabama men that called him an extremist and who believed the civil rights campaign would cause violence, to know that he was fed up waiting.

King decided-took a stand and fight alongside his brothers and sisters for their rights.

He used strategic support and imagery to influence and help us understand that all the hardships and judgment the blacks faced. Dr.King jr was trying to make us understand the pain and tiredness of segregation and of waiting for nothing to happen.

The Letter from Birmingham Jail” talks about his career, many critics.

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Dr. King Jr argued that he was too deferential to the white authorities that facilitated segregation and other racist policies, but the tone here seems to serve several purposes. In the letter, Dr. King speaks about definitions of justice and morality and argues that the black man will succeed with or without the help of white moderates.

Because there operate with the just ideals of both USA and diving guidance.

In the letter talk about civil rights on behalf of the American community, he starts by saying how the black community suffering at the hand of the government.

Dr. King addresses the issue or problems of “shallow understanding from people of goodwill,” saying that “lukewarm acceptance is more bewildering than outright rejection” (265).

His letter was addressed to white Alabama clergymen. The letter Dr.King jr wrote was a response to a statement that was made by eight white Alabama clergymen in April. The title was a wake-up called call For Unity. Clergymen accepted that social injustices prevail but argued that the fight against them. The letter talks about unfair laws that persecuted the black individuals in Alabama how affected their community and poor ones.

In Dr. King’s letter arguments that are logical past contention and poetic at a similar time and the size of Martin Luther King’s wisdom becoming particularly clear through his capability to identify the truth through the application of very short statements.

In the part of the letter where King used Jesus as an extremist of love, Amos an extremist of justice, Paul an extremist of the Gospel, Martin Luther and Abraham Lincoln, all highly respected people who gave everything for what they believed in.

In his letter showing people come in peace and doing in peace there no place in his heart of mind for war just want equal rights.King use ‘’light of Jesus’ mission of Christianity and Abraham Lincoln’s quest for the end of slavery in his letter.

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