Rhetoric and Copper Rivets Essay

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Rhetoric and Copper Rivets

Levi’s have been very popular for many years, and their target audiences are young people and blue-collar workers. In the ad image, it also shows clearly about how it is strong by emphasizing the copper rivets which is a part of important elements for Levi’s jeans for making it more tough and rugged. Therefore, the intended audiences will be blue-collar workers and people who like to have long lasting clothing.

Question: What do you see as the writer’s purpose? To explain? Inform? Anger? Persuade? Amuse? Motivate? Sadden? Ridicule? Is there more than one purpose? Does the purpose shift at all throughout the text?

Of course, the writer wants to sell Levi’s products to the readers by showing the advantages of Levi’s jeans such as emphasizing the copper rivets and having a good concept of design image which showing the copper material of the rivets and that person’s right hand surgical plate by using X-ray. Overall, the writer just keeps selling Levi’s products’ functions and usability.

Question: Can you identify the rhetorical appeals as of this piece of writing (ethos, logos, pathos)? What would you add or omit to make the rhetorical appeals more effective?

Ethos: Levi’s is a famous brand in the world because their products are tough, rugged and dependable since 1853, and they have kept designing different styles of jeans and clothes.

Logos: The logo is recognizable by using red. The image shows the jean is using copper rivets which use same or similar material as the right hand’s surgical plate and make the pockets to be more rugged and dependable.

Pathos: Levi’s has tried to keep making and improving different types and styles of their products which adopt different kinds and ages of people. Also, their tough, rugged and dependable products show the power, energy and comfort to people.

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