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Rhetoric Essay Examples

Essay on Rhetoric

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Context and Description of the Advertisement

...From the analysis of the advert, I was able to make a concluding finding on this advert as one that has led me to believe that it is in fact a sexual advert. Based on the context of the texts that have been used in the advert as well as the image as shown below, the advert is more sexual oriented and is more inclined towards the male gender who may be the customers to be attracted by the advert. Apart from being an advert that seems to portray a different message than what may have been the inte...

12 Angry Men Essay - Pathos ethos and logos

...He also convinces the jury of how the woman across the street could not be able to see the boy through the train without her spectacles on. He explains, “It's logical to assume that she wasn't wearing them when she was in bed. Tossing and turning, trying to fall asleep.” Then the juror continues by saying, “I don't know - I'm guessing! I'm also guessing that she probably didn't put her glasses on when she turned to look casually out of the window. And she, herself, testified the killing to...

Martin Luther King. American Rhetoric

...While giving his speech, Martin Luther King used pathos as well as ethos and logos. By using pathos, King intended to make the people hate racism. King states that Negroes have been crippled by “…chains of discrimination… (American Rhetoric, 2001)”By this statement, King intended to make the whites realize that they have broken the promises drafted in the constitution. While using ethos, King uses the example of bad check. This is seen when he states that denying N...

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Reviewer Prelims


Public Speaking

...When all the preparation has been done, comes the real challege; presenting. There are a few aspects speakers need to pay attention to while giving their speech. Language is the main aspect a speaker needs to pay attention to while giving a speech. Whether their purpose is to inform or persuade, language is their tool, their weapon. Therefore, how the use the language is crucial to the success of their speech. Language needs to be used clearly. Words are not limited to a universal meaning, which...

Rhetoric Essay

...In his dreams, King tells about his children, however speaking as a whole community, he emotionally expresses that not only his children, but also the children of the audience should be able “live in a world where they are not judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”. Using repletion, King shows confidence and how everything he talks about is possible. that Barbara Jordon also uses this technique by asking question and showing, like the audience, she does no...

Analyzing Stylistic Choices

...Some people blamed McCandless, saying that he was angry that civilization had intruded into his wilderness. Others said that there was no evidence that McCandless had even walked that way. Considering everything you know about McCandless—his journey, his character, his ideas—do you think that he was capable of trashing these cabins? After reading this book, do you know McCandless well enough to know whether or not he would do this? Write a paragraph in your notebook about your thoughts....

The Cover Girl

...The CoverGirl ad makes Queen Latifah look superior to her natural beauty. The logic behind this is that the viewer saw and thought that if they use the CoverGirl product, they could look as beautiful as Queen Latifah did in the ad. In conclusion, the advertisement effectively uses logos, ethos, and pathos to convince viewers to buy CoverGirl products that are fade proof, waterproof and ignore-proof. Logos is used to show why the viewers should trust CoverGirl products. Ethos convinces the viewer...

Winston Churchill: An Inspiration

..."Churchill - A Biography of Winston Churchill." About.com 20th Century History. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Apr. 2014. . "Essay on Winston Churchill's 'We Shall Fight on the Beaches' Speech." The New Earth Works : Essay on Churchill's 'We Shall Fight on the Beaches' Speech (For EPGY English Course): December 2011. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Apr. 2014. . "We Shall Fight on the Beaches." We Shall Fight on the Beaches. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Apr. 2014. . ""We Shall Fight Them on the Beaches!" A Speech Analysis of Winst...

Leadership Communication

...Baack, D. (2012). Management communication. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc. Barrett, Deborah. (2006). Leadership communications. McGraw-Hill Professional, Education, Inc. Garcia, H. F. (2012). Leadership communications: Planning for the desired reaction. Strategy & Leadership, 40(6), 42-45. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1108/10878571211278886 Hackman, M. Z., & Johnson, C. E. (2004). Leadership: A communication perspective. Long Grove, IL: Waveland Press. Hughes, R. L., Ginnett, R. ...

Middle Class Black Burden

...The last Rhetorical strategy McClain uses to depict her burden was Logical Appeal. All three were used for the reader to understand why she feel she's torn between two worlds. In her essay McClain mostly uses ethos and pathos to explain her burden. Being an african american journalist in chicago, made her appeal as a figure that people would consider. However, judgements from blacks made her feel indifferent. In Mclain's essay, My Turn, she states, " Some of my liberal white acquaintances pat me...

?The Higher Animal

...Mark Twain's article, "The Damned Human Race" was well written and keep the reader's engaged by using pathos and logos. By having the author use pathos in his article, the audience was able to bond with this article because they could relate to it in some type of way. Also, by having logos within his writing allowed him to gain the attention of mature readers by using intelligence arguments. Although, Twain had scattering cases of fallacies in his article, it did not any negative impact on the a...

Ap Language Review

...Every writer has a different writing style. Style can change the feel of an argument. Your style can chnage alot, the character, the view point, the content, the memories, and enhance ethos. Think of a writting stlye the way you'd think of a person's personal fashion stlye. Everyones is different, some similar but never one hundred percent the same. All of them have a different impact. 12. Style has an effect on communicating an argument to an audience that only that one speaker can do. You coul...

Public Speaking Self-Reflection

...Understanding how to organize my work to have a solid overview on what I will be saying when presenting. With this class I hope it takes me to a whole new level on how to talk to people and how to control my emotions when in front of any audience regardless who it is. By allowing myself this sense of understand and awareness will help give me a sense of calmness giving me the ability to stand up and say what I need to say when giving a speech or if I am in a crowd listening to someone speak to o...

Einstein Analysis

...The purpose of Einstein’s letter to Phyllis Wright, or the point he’s trying to get across, is done beautifully as he explains at the end of the letter, “In this way the pursuit of science leads to a religious feeling of a special sort, which is indeed quite different from the religiosity of someone more naïve” (Einstein 10). Of course, for the occasion of his letter, his context is well put with many examples and explanations within it. Einstein effectively includes logos, or clearly e...

Lamb to the Slaughter

...Now that you’ve read “Lamb to the Slaughter” and studied the nuances of crafting a persuasive argument, pretend you are the defense attorney for Mary Maloney. You will craft your closing arguments as a persuasive speech to be delivered to the judge and jury in her murder trial. Your defense is that Mary Maloney is NOT guilty by reason of temporary insanity. If you need to look up the stipulations for such an argument, please do so. You will be held accountable for them. You must include a ...

Rhetorical Devices

...Repetition is very important in this speech; it helps create many different appeals to audience. Kelly repeats the phrase ‘while we sleep’, “while we sleep little white girls…And they will do so tonight, while we sleep” (Kelly) this repetition makes the audience think twice about what else is going on out there that we do not know about while we live our daily life’s. She also tries to get the point across with this repetition that as we do nothing we could be helping a greater cause...

Mohandas Gandhi: A Moral/Economic Progress

...Gandhi’s speech is strongly driven by his use of ethics and emotion, but his speech also appeals to the logical mind. Gandhi’s use of logos is evident during his quotation of “the great scientist”(Gandhi 337) Alfred Wallace. Wallace, a British naturalist states that his country has put power and wealth before nature and Christianity and describes “…how as the country has rapidly advanced in riches, it has gone down in morality”(Wallace 338) Gandhi’s speech is largely based on the...

Rhetorical Analysis – “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior”

...As mentioned before, Chua claims that by criticizing a child and hammering academic success into his or her brain the child will grow to become a prosperous and confident person. Her purpose gets through to the audience but does not necessarily persuade them. She utilizes rhetorical devices that both support and weaken her argument. Chua’s lifestyle is a result of how she was raised. In a sense, her piece is a great lesson for Western cultures about Chinese culture. Chua may or may not effecti...

Classical argument structure

...Option 1 - Address opposing argument Leadership is a person who commands others and is the primary person in charge of everything. Introduce another definition – Leadership is about delegating tasks, compromising when needed, and occasionally allowing the group to make a democratic decision. Explain why yours is better – History. Adolf Hitler, a brilliant leader, was despised throughout the world because of his totalitarian (total control) and cruelty towards outsiders. Rather than settling ...

Key to Good Speech: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

...Finally, a writer appeals to readers through the appeal to the readers' sense of logos. This is commonly called the logical appeal, and you can use two different types of logic. You can use inductive logic by giving your readers a bunch of similar examples and then drawing from them a general proposition. This logic is pretty simple given this, that, and the other thing-poof, there you go, a conclusion. Or, you can use the deductive enthymeme by giving your readers a few general propositions and...

Security Speeches

...Social Security is a debated topic in every Presidential Election and one gaining increasing attention as more and more baby boomers retire. For this speech students should research the history and functioning of the current Social Security System. From this research you are to present an informative speech on Social Security. Topics may include: A brief history of the social security system; how to apply for benefits and how one qualifies; the pros and cons of delaying benefits; how to afford t...

Peer Review Worksheet: Rhetorical Analysis of a Public Document

...How effectively does the thesis statement identify the main points that the writer would like to make about the public document he or she is analyzing? Very well the thesis statement provided the main point. How successful is the writer’s summary of the public document under study? I feel like the writer did a great job on summarizing the website and explains the website. How effective is the writer’s explanation and evaluation of the rhetorical situation, genre, and stance? The writer provi...

My Best Public Speaking Experience

...The day before I looked through my speech carefully , identify and understand the main points. The forth reason – I was prepared in advance . I started my preparation three weeks before the presentation. Although, I usually begin my preparation approximately two weeks before the presentation. The fifth reason was my classmates and opponent. My classmates were listening to me very attentively and my opponent talked to me with ease. Moreover , he asked me some questions I was really interested i...

A commemorative speech

...The speaker will have a greater effect on grabbing the audiences attention if he or she focuses on specific details for example tone, repetition, and vivid language.The book gives us an example of how a few changes to the opening of a speech can have a dramatic affect. Using these specific language techniques can also keep the audience interested in what the speaker is saying. A commemorative speech is about praising or celebrating something and if we were to stan...

Mid Term Study Guide

...3. T F In the most common system of outlining, main points are identified by Roman numerals and subpoints by capital letters. 4. T F Including the specific purpose with your preparation outline makes it easier to assess how well you have constructed the speech to accomplish your purpose. 5. T F The speaking outline follows a different pattern of symbolization and indentation from the preparation outline. 6. T F “Are Our Bridges Safe?” would be an appropriate title for a speech on bridge safe...

rhetorical analysis example

...This is a good analysis of the rhetoric of the author’s argument in the essay. You provide an effective reading of her use of rhetoric essay and make a case for whether you find the use of those elements successful or not, as well as show a clear understanding of the elements of rhetoric and how they are used in constructing arguments. I would have loved to see you give more examples from the text of the problems you point out and also to make clearer what elements of rhetoric these good examp...

Similarities and Differences in Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” and Richard Henry’s Speech to the Second Virginia Convention

...Thomas Paine used repetition to place emphasis on certain things. He used the word “we” many times to place emphasis on the only way that we could overcome this tyranny that was Great Britain, we would need to stick together. He also used juxtaposition to put two things together with a contrasting effect. “Society is produced by our wants, and government by our wickedness,” was making the people believe that the British government was wicked, which it was. Thomas Paine, in this literary ...

Example of informative speech


Summary response assignment

...genre, in addition to meeting all assignment criteria, exhibit ownership of the writing task as well as some degree of originality in task interpretation. *Language is entirely appropriate to writing tasks. Draft exhibits strategic revision at lexical, syntactic, and organizational levels. Personal style is evident and almost always appropriate to writing tasks. Errors and inappropriate usages are infrequent. *Evidence clearly and persuasively supports and develops topics. *Writing demonstrates ...

Rhetorical Analysis of Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience”

...8. Point out some ways you see Thoreau tapping into the “cultural memory” of his readers. (Cultural memory in modern rhetoric refers to the writer-reader connection. It has to do with how much knowledge, information, and data a writer has about his audience and their culture. A simple way of talking about this is to ask: what does a writer know about is readers and their lives, and how does he or she use it to further his writing purpose?). To what does the text refer or allude with the expe...

Rhetorical Advertisement Analysis

...The rhetorical appeals included have successfully persuaded its intended audience to prevent teen pregnancy. The great combination of pathos, ethos, and logos that the organization used in this advertisement builds a positive thought that will stay in the audience’s mind for a long time. This thought deeply discourages teenagers to have sex. This thought can also be a motivation for parents to advise their children and furthermore, the organization gains more outside supports to decrease teen ...

Speech Exam


Rhetorical Analysis Stev Jobs Commencemnent Speech

...His methodology as an orator throughout the time he sets up his ethos, logos, and pathos of his advice are subtle. Jobs’ pathos adds to this heart-wrenching rhetoric. In addition, he also uses his three emotionally charged stories to show his high character and qualified eligibility to be giving the graduates advice about their lives and how they should never second guess anything that they do. The words he chooses are just elegant and simple and portray honesty, as well as intellectualism. Bu...

Rhetorical Appeals

...Ethos is equally represented in the commercial as well because of the celebrity reputation of Sarah McLachlan and her starring role in trying to convince viewers to help out the ASPCA through donation. Kairos is also well embodied through the element of excellent timing, and how each part of the commercial fell into perfect rhythm. Logos is the weakest rhetorical appeal represented because the facts listed are not detailed and quite general. Accordingly, I would argue that this commercial is ext...

“Imagining the Immigrant” by John J Savant

...The target audience is mainly towards the government and the people of our country. He wants the reader to think outside of the box, putting themselves in his/her shoes. “If we are not to betray the dream, we simply must imagine better” (375). At this point, his audience does not feel influenced, and he failed with where his argument was going. He wants his audience to imagine, imagine, Imagine, which makes it hard on the reader because he did not give enough argument as to why imagination i...

Last Child in the Woods

...Throughout the essay he is a strong advocate when making sure children enjoy reality instead of living in this technological age. He most frequently uses short simple sentences. This brevity keeps the audience intrigued and keeps the flow of the piece going. In the article he says, “The highways edges may not be postcard perfect,” (47-48). Its simplicity makes its understandable to all ages, so it’s relatable by both parents and their children. Its effect on the audience is to try and pers...

Fiction-writing mode


BMW Advertisment Visual Analysis

...The product being sold is is a BMW which are expensive cars that only people with a steady job, forty to fifty year olds, could afford. That is also the age when people go through their ‘middle age crisis.’ One of the things attached to that crisis is irrational buying, which most often is buying a car. In addition to the previous criteria, the audience of this ad would be attracted to women and power, which a lot of males do. I get the idea about power from how the man is portrayed in this ...

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