Rhetoric Essay Topics

Reflective Essay on Rhetoric

Logos, ethos, and pathos are important components of all writing, whether we are aware of them or not. By learning to recognize logos, ethos, and pathos in the writing of others and in our own, we can create texts that appeal to readers on many different levels. I think the use of rhetoric is the… View Article

The “House Divided Against Itself” Speech

Lincoln gained prominence at the national level only after his nomination as Republican candidate for senate in 1858 to contest against Douglas from Illinois. His speech at Springfield, Illinois on June 16, 1858 remains an important milestone in the history of United States as he mainly raised the issue of slavery in the territories foe… View Article

Rhetorical Analysis

Nabokov turns out to be a surprisingly interesting author from the point of view of rhetorical analysis. He uses a set of literature devices, e.g. visual imagery, the stream of consciousness technique, numerous allusions and reminiscences, to communicate his ideas and to reach out to the widest audience. I strongly deem that Nabokov’s piece is… View Article

Rhetorical Analyzis Hazlitt

People often say that money does not determine how happy you are but in William Hazlitt’s essay “On the Want of Money”, he tries to prove the world wrong. He firmly believes that if money cannot get you happiness then it will truly “pave the road for it”. Hazlitt weaves his argument though the use… View Article

Philosophy: Dialogue with Socrates

“Socrates, good day!” exclaimed Person. Socrates is still mesmerized in this realm unbeknownst to him. Dazed and confused, he sees a figure, a person looking right at him. He replied, “Good day to you to. May I ask you questions about this world? I suppose you are a citizen of this state.” “I would gladly… View Article

Philosophy Rhetoric

For those politicians who find themselves faced with a question whose answer may be distressing to their audience, there is no substitute for the power of rhetoric             The light-as-air rhetoric politicians tend to give in response to any question regarding national identity is a fine example. Asked what it is to be an American,… View Article

Principal’s Message

It is my pleasure reaching out to you in this December issue of the school newsletter.             We all feel December when the winds are chilly and cold and mothers bring out the warm mittens, thick clothing, and socks to wrap their children and protect them from the cold. The sun sets early and gets… View Article

Rhetorical Analysis

“Invincible Ignorance” by Thomas Sowell appeared in The Bismarck Tribune as apart of his syndicated column on December 24, 2012. Are gun control laws effective? Are guns really the problem? Or is it people that are the problem? Sowell answers each of these questions and states his opinion strong and clear. His tone, diction and… View Article

Rhetoric and Copper Rivets

Levi’s have been very popular for many years, and their target audiences are young people and blue-collar workers. In the ad image, it also shows clearly about how it is strong by emphasizing the copper rivets which is a part of important elements for Levi’s jeans for making it more tough and rugged. Therefore, the… View Article

Seattle Letter Analysis

Leader of his native tribe, Chief Seattle, in his persuasive letter to President Pierce, illustrate his mentality on how sacred the land he lives on is to him and to his people. He tries to gain President pierce attention on the fact that the two men have different views on what the land is. Seattle… View Article

Farewell to Baseball Analysis

Lou Gehrig, shortly after learning of a deathly disease that he had acquired, said his final goodbye to professional baseball on July 4th, 1939 during Lou Gehric appreciation day in Yankee Staduim in a short and simple speech that conveyed to the audience his feelings of awe towards what he had been able to do… View Article

Rhetorical Analysis

Background: In contrast with assignments that ask you to figure out what a text means (textual analysis), this assignment, a rhetorical analysis, asks you to analyze how a text works on readers and how a writer’s choices persuade or convince readers to accept the writer’s perspective. Some texts are more clearly rhetorical than others: argumentative… View Article

Martin Luther King Jr. Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

On August 28, 1963 Martin Luther King delivered his speech to all of America. Martin Luther’s opening line to his speech was, “I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation.” In Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech… View Article

Rhetorical Analysis

The Pound Cake speech by Bill Cosby a well-known actor, comedian, and Philanthropist delivered a controversial speech called The Pound Cake Speech which was presented on May 17, 2004 at the NAACP Gala at Constitution Hall in Washington, DC. In this speech, Cosby was highly critical to members and divisions of the African American community… View Article

Rhetorical Analysis

What influences your opinions and decisions in life? Is it a fact base analysis of a topic, providing you with statistical evidence to back its claims, or is it an emotional based claim that tugs at your heartstrings and connects with your past? Both forms of argument are fighting for your acceptance of its arguments,… View Article

Rhetorical Analysis Mlk Letter from Birmingham Jail

Martin Luther King’s inspiration for writing his, “Letter from Birmingham Jail” was mainly to appeal to an undeniable injustice that occurred during his time. His letter was in response tos eight white clergymen, who objected to King protesting in Birmingham. Dr. King effectively crafted his counterargument after analyzing the clergymen’s unjust proposals and then he… View Article

How to Write a Research Essay for History

STEP 1: Focusing your topic: In writing a research essay for history, you should first formulate an idea (a working thesis) about the focus of your research. This gives you a starting point to find source information. The thesis statement must address your assignment. Use keywords from your assignment to help formulate a working thesis… View Article

A Rhetorical Analysis Paper

DR. Michael Hawes gave an informative speech on Economics, politics, pipelines and the election: as well as Canada-US relations in an increasingly complex world. He used a PowerPoint to portray his ideas and talked about topics such as roots of Canadian foreign policy, the rising impact of the U.S, free trade and North American integration,… View Article

Rhetoric in William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

Throughout various plays and pieces, rhetoric is used to persuade characters into committing to a significant action or decision. In William Shakespeare’s plays, rhetoric is used regularly by characters that plan to persuade others into doing certain actions that satisfy their own personal opinions and needs. As it can lead to many dangerous outcomes, the… View Article

How to Introduce a Speaker

Speech introductions are often an afterthought, hastily thrown together at the last second by someone with little knowledge of the speaker, their speech, or the value for the audience. And yet, speech introductions are critical to the success of a speech. While a strong speech opening is vital, nothing helps establish a speaker’s credibility more… View Article

Mind Games

The goal of argumentative writing is to persuade the audience that their ideas are valid or more valid then other authors. Greek philosopher and writer, Aristotle, divided persuasion into three sections: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. These persuasion guidelines give readers a sense of credibility, emotion, and reasoning. Ethos is associated with credibility or ethical appeal… View Article

Speech to Inform

A sport which can help you to become as strong as superman, as loyal as your best friend, as brave as your brother and as wise as your grandpa. Today, ladies and gentlemen, I will bring you to the world of Taekwondo. The name Taekwondo is derived from the Korean word “Tae” meaning foot, “Kwon”… View Article

Love at First Sight

Love at first sight is a common trope in Western literature, in which a person, character, or speaker feels romantic attraction for a stranger on the first sight of them. Described by poets and critics from the Greek world on, it has become one of the most powerful tropes in Western fiction. In the classical… View Article

Preparing Your First Speech

Since this is a public speaking class, it means that you will indeed have to present speeches! Since many people become nervous at this prospect, I like to get the first one done early in the semester. It’s like ripping off a band-aid: rip it off fast to feel less pain. Your Introductory Speech is… View Article

Cassius’ Persuasion

Rhetoric is the usage of words to persuade when writing or speaking. This was frequently used in William Shakespeare’s tragedy “Julius Caesar”, specifically in act 1 scene 2 by Cassius. By using his powers of manipulation with argumentation and persuasion, Cassius then tries to convince Brutus, a fellow Roman, to join in the conspiracy against… View Article

Rhetorical Analysis of Kennedy’s Inaugural Address

A successful speech is often combined lots of factors, especially the use of rhetorical. Throughout the various periods of the famous speeches in the United States, all of the speechmaker used a variety of rhetorical devices and made their speech greatly appreciated, which is the magic of rhetorical. Kennedy was the youngest person elected U.S…. View Article

Rhetorical Analysis of Kristof

Nicholas Kristof wrote a compelling article titled “Our Gas Guzzlers, Their Lives”. In the article he is arguing that wealthier country’s greenhouse gas emissions are severely damaging life in many African countries. In fact Charles Ehrhart, a Care staff member in Kenya, states, “The negative impact of the West’s carbon emissions will overwhelm the positive… View Article

Is Sleep a Beautiful Thing?

The economy is based on consumption and advertising is an indispensable motivator that persuades people to consume. Advertising is one of the biggest tools companies use to sell a product. Today if a product is not actively marketing, publicizing, or advertising itself the product will fail. It is essential for an advertisement to use rhetorical… View Article

Valedictorian Speech

We’re meeting here today one final time as a class to celebrate the end of our high school lives, and the beginning of our new ones. We walked into this room as the Class of 2012, and although we may always remember ourselves as that, tomorrow marks the day when a common bond we all… View Article

A Letter to His Son- Chesterfield, Ap Question

This passage is by no means a message of simplicity, and good intentioned writing for his son to be taken lightly. Chesterfield reflects his own values and morals in these short paragraphs, in attempts to remind his son of his responsibilities for him to “weigh and consider”. Chesterfield’s morals and values are clearly portrayed by… View Article