Revisiting America Essay

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Revisiting America

This book is about different themes based on the American history. It has different concepts and is basically written as a course book for some students. This article includes the introduction about the book. It tells what the book is all about. Then there are a number of themes discussed. Later there are a number of experience of the author of the writer which is related somehow with the book’s themes, has been described. Then there is a conclusion to the book. INTRODUCTION: This book is basically written for the college studies.

It is mostly about the cultural situations in America, of past and present. It is mostly in concern with the racism. The basic goal of the author is to discuss racism and what happened in past in America in relation with the racism. This book has forced the students to think about the important issues of the world which actually give silhouette to the world. This forced the students to think perilously. They need to learn and think over seriously about what’s happening in the world. It also includes the study of the different cultures of America. What actually the culture of America was and is.

It also tells us about the conflicts in the America. There were a number of divergences and clashes in America. They are also included in the book. This is to realize students what is happening around them. This also forces students to think deeply what is happening around them so that they could know what is the real truth of there surroundings. Themes: In the first chapter of the book, the theme is the conflicts of the past. There were some well-known conflicts that had taken place in the past. In this part of the book these conflicts are discussed.

These include the conflicts of the eastern coast. It describes all the conflicts that had taken place including an erudite conversation on “the Pocahontas myth and the trial testimonies of the Salem” (www. globalbookstore. com). This chapter mainly discuss about the racism factor as that is been discussed in the black slave trade. It has been described that how the blacks were treated and how they were given inequality as compared to the whites. In this chapter it has also been described that there was inequality amongst the two genders as well.

It is said that the males were given more preference to the females and males were considered superior to the females. Females were given no respect as compared to the males. The next thing discussed in this chapter is slavery. The word slavery was mostly attached with the blacks and not the whites. Mostly whites were not slaves and as blacks were not given equal rights so they were forced to be slaves. This was how it uses to work, as it has been discussed in the story ‘the black slave trade’. The next important think discussed was the freedom issue.

There was a need of freedom for the inferior’s one just like the blacks so they demanded freedom. This is discussed in the topic ‘the declaration of independence’. There were the issues in the majestic America. The next chapter is mostly about the new comers versus the originated Americans. There were a number of immigrations to America as they were living through periods of starvation and hunger. They certainly required a better income source so they decided to go to the areas with better job opportunities. At that time people mostly eyed America so they decided to migrate to America.

Now when they reached America they found the racism concept and the concept of white nationality. It means that the Indians or the blacks were not allowed to get nationality over there. They wanted the better of the originated people and not of the other poor people across the world. They don’t wanted them to occupy there land so they always sight them with negative eyes. The next chapter is about the conflicts of the way west. These were mostly in concerned with the concepts that were discussed in the first chapter, that are racism, gender differences and social was also included.

In racism it included the black people traveling through way west. They were to face disagreements from the white citizens that use to live there. The next thing over there was the gender differences as it was in the East Shore. Another thing common in both the west and the east were the slavery issues that were the blacks were to face slavery at hands of the whites. There were also social conflicts in west that were of religion or cultural related things. The next chapter is about the slavery and the civil wars. This chapter is mostly about in concern with the civil wars of America that took place.

It describes the participation of the slaves in the civil wars. There were a number of civil wars that took place in America. Everyone took part in it. Slaves were fighting to get there own rights to live. They wanted complete freedom and for that they had civil wars. Women also took part in the civil wars as they wanted equality. They wanted to be given some due respect. They wanted to get there rights and they wanted to be level to men who thought themselves as the superior. Then comes the parts of politicians who actually wanted there rule.

They had civil wars to get there own canon. This is how some of the Americans took part in the civil wars and it also includes some writers as well. The next chapter is about the conflicts of California. It includes the conflicts of the early people of California and the Chinese people who have come across to America to settle. There was a conflict between the extensive Chinese and the old California people. This was actually about the men and women who trailed tempt of the gold. The Chinese who build railways there were actually to pass through a number of prohibiting laws.

This means that first the Americans use to take advantage of the foreigners that came to there country and when the advantage is taken they force some prohibiting laws on them, he laws that forced them to stop from certain things. Firstly the best of the advantage is taken from the others and then the restriction is applied which was not at all fair to them and it was forcing racism in the world. The next chapter is ‘poverty, wealth and the American dreams. It tells about the poor people who came to America. They were actually very poor and they don’t have there basics.

They were so poor that they don’t even have a shelter to live under. On the other hand the Americans were very rich. They were living luxurious lives and they don’t need any basics. They were actually living there dreams. In this chapter the comparison of these two types of people has been discussed. It tells us the differences between the rich and the poor. It tells us the conditions of the nineteenth century and the early twenties. It tells the poor conditions of the immigrants and the best of the conditions of the Americans living there.

The Americans had the best of the cars, the best of the life styles and the best of the houses whereas the immigrants doesn’t even have there own houses, or there own cars. They have to travel through public transport and to live in the rent house. The next chapter is about ‘the depression and the two world wars’. It is basically based on the two world wars that took place. There were long periods of world wars which actually disturbed whole of the America. They were disturbed economically and mentally. As a result they were depressed and frustrated.

The political department was also disturbed because of the world wars going on. It actually stopped the political activities that were going on in America. This depressed them as well. They were also disheartened as they were not allowed to do any political activity. There was another factor that appeared during that period that was the racial factor. The immigrants to the America, who were actually from the countries with which America were having wars, were looked with suspicious eyes. They were not allowed to live normally. They were abused and taunt.

As they couldn’t do anything, they lived the way they were forced to. This is how it disturbed America. The next chapter is about ‘Civil wars, protest and foreign wars’. This is about how the minority people protest for there rights. There were a number of speeches by women for there rights. There were a number of speeches by the minorities for there rights and there were a number of speeches by the civil rights leader to get the rights of civil people. These actions took place in ‘1960s and 1970s’ (www. globalbookstore. com).

It also discuss about the warriors of American going for help in the wars of there allied countries. There were troops send by America to these countries like that in ‘Vietnam and Gulf War’ (www. globalstore. com). The next and the final chapter are about ‘the conflicts of the past and the conflicts of the present’. It actually sums up all the themes that are discussed in the past. There is a complete discussion on the reasons for the conflicts and the summarizing of the issues and the events that took place because of these issues. It is mainly about the racism, racism is practiced all over the America.

Blacks are considered superior to the whites and the black doesn’t means the color of the skin but it is about the culture and the religion and the wealth they have. The next thing sum up here is the issue of gender differences. It was the gender differences that were created, which means men were considered superior to women and there were no equal rights. It also tells about the immigrants to America which means that people were immigrated to America and were to settle there and to increase there income. This further also discusses the September 11 incident that took place and was considered as the terrorist acts.

It tells us about what happened on the 11th of September, what were the circumstances created in America because of that event. There were a number of suspicious people because of the event and mostly the low grade people were interrogated. PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: It was the time when I was in my college and I was poorest of all. It was a private college with high fees. There were rich people mostly gathered in the school. I was the only of the poor. My mother wanted me to study in the best possible way. I use to wear normal clothes and not of any stylish kind. Most of my mother’s money was gone in the fees of the college.

I couldn’t eat well or wear well whereas my school mates were of the cream families and they use to wear well and to eat whatever they want. I use to travel in the local transport whereas the rest have there own cars. Further I was a black and they were mostly white. These factors made them to speak about me and they use to call me ‘bloody black’ and further ‘bloody poor’. These were the words that really use to discourage me and were actually related to the theme racism and poverty’. REFRENCE PAGE: http://www. globalbookstore. com. mx/detalles. php? ISBN=0130293059 http://vig. pearsonhighered. com/academic/product/0,3110,0130293059,00. html

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