Review ways in which minimum core elements can be demonstrated in assessing learners

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Review ways in which minimum core elements can be demonstrated in assessing learners

The main points I have learnt from this assessment/task are; We can embed minimum core elements can be embedded in our assessment, through multiple resources. We can get learners to access quiz materials online, which will embed ICT. Learners can read through task sheets, which will embed reading English. We can also have learners complete a number of tasks in a given time frame, which will embed mathematics. When assessing my learners, I embedded predominately English and ICT, Mathematics was embedded in some of the tasks that they had to complete.

The learners had to read the task sheet, there was a sheet of paper which listed all the tasks that was corresponding to the lesson. This was embedding English into the assessment. I also had a document saved on Learnzone, which gave the learner the option to view the document online, by accessing the document online, I had embedded ICT skills in the learner’s assessment. Embedding Mathematics into the Learners assessment would prove slightly difficult, with computer programming, when the learner was completing the tasks, some of the tasks, would compile of condition loops, which would set conditions based on numbers.

There was numeracy involved in my assessment. The learners would have been assessed at the end of the module, based on a report that they would write. The report was to demonstrate their understanding of the computer programming language and would include screen shots as evidence of their work. The minimum core skills are required as the learner must have good English skills to write a report, and have good ICT skills to use a computer. How could I develop my practical skills as a result of this assessment/task; The learners had to learn a computer programming language, so most of the minimum core is embedded when assessing.

I could engage the learners in an online quiz, this could enhance the mathematics skills when including minimum core. I could have also written more complex conditional functions, within the programming language, which would embed more mathematics. How could I develop my knowledge and understanding as a result of this assessment/task; I could research other tutors material and observe how they embed minimum core skills within their teaching, considering other assessment methods like short answer tests, quiz and presentations, to embed more of the minimum core skills.


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