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Review of Wine, an Alcoholic Beverage

Paper type: Review
Pages: 5 (1106 words)
Categories: Alcohol, Beverages, Quality Of Product
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Introduction of Wine Little History

As we study, wine is one of the history’s oldest things in world, its been in history since ancient and it is still to these present days. For several reasons we study that wine was consumed as rituals and many occasions for the love of it. Making of wines is been around many years and first wine made in the middle east. About most of the wine is made of grapes.

As we discuss more about the wine’s appearance, its taste and aroma. What is Wine Exactly?As we phrase, that wine is an alcoholic beverage which is made with fermented grape juices. A wine is a structure which relates to the different components in wine, such as acid, and alcohol. To describe about the body of wine, how it looks and its taste like different between water and sparkling water(Carbonated water) and how its makes you feel when we have a sip of a wine, like how tartness and sharpness might make tickle sharpness on the tongue.

The interrelation of a wine it’s not just describes the flavour of the wine, but it gives you clear feel that how old the wine is. Technically, we know all the wine can be made with different kinds of fruits like apples, grapes, cranberries, etc.

The Taste of Wine

At the beginning, I really don’t know about the wine, as we have all these questions. What’s the taste of the wine? Does it taste like other drinks like beer? The tastes of wine expose themselves, like basically as we have a sip the first thing as the tongue detects and later the brain impresses them. There are many ways the wine explains its unique flavour like, its bitter, acidity, sweetness, tannin and aroma all this combination are made in the fermentations.

Wine’s Sweetness

When we have a sip of a wine, first thing we usually show attention to see sweetness in our mouth, which is a slightly dry or sweet. Well, wine is fruity but when it comes to noticing the aroma and flavours. We smell the wine to know the flavour like the sweetness which gives us the sense of a touch on our tongue on the other hand is the Acidity.

Wine’s Acidity

Acidity, which is the main key to taste the factor of all the wines contain acid. It has high amount acid tasting more in white wines than other wines, its makes you feel like a crispy and other wines with less acidity feel flabby like soft. Main texture in wine impress comes from the softness and the firmness which gives us the taste out of it, like our mouth feels temperature in a liquid. Few wines are soft and smooth feels as we take a sip through mouth.

Wine’s Tannin

Tannin is natural blend which exist inside the grape skin, seed and stems. These taste releases when the grape juice are soaked just after the grapes are pressed where they give us the certain wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, which gives the characteristics of dryness. We all get the experience of the tannin effect at any time, when we drink wine which creates the dryness sense in our mouth.

Wine’s Aroma

Understanding Wine’s aroma, we get the scents and the smell of a wine for a better taste. The smell of a wine starts from the glass. We can feel different aroma’s like can be lime, vinegar, fruity, earthy or we face many numbers of natural scents, but depending upon the variety of grapes used for making wine process. Coming to the wine, major we know both tasting and smelling. For tasting we use our tongue which is limited to sense: salty, sweet and bitter. Main mission critical to smelling the wines is the nose, as we know human nose is capable to smell many different scents. Everyone has these doubts about, how to smell the wine? Best way to whiff of the smell, by spending the few seconds by swirling the glass, by which gives you the alcohol to evaporate and will give you the wine’s natural scent. When you done swirling the wine proper, stick your nose near to the glass and inhale. You feel different variety of scents like:

  • Buttery: This Buttery smell demonstrates, the smell of butter melting or little burnt or toasty oak which is used to vary the color, flavour and tannin profile. This Buttery aroma and taste we mostly find in the white wines which are fermented in oak barrels, such wines are one of the known wine Chardonnays and white Burgundies.
  • Burnt: which gives us the smell of the wine, like smoky and singed edge(which means lightly burnt) A Wine’s BodyAnother way of a getting impressed from the whole of the wine, just not by the taste which registers on your tongue by having a sip. Which gives us the impression of the size and weight of the wine. When we use the word impression because, when we have ounce of wine which absorbs the same space in your mouth and its weigh which is same as the ounce, we drink which differs from other wine. They are some few wines which we say fuller, heavier in the mouth. Imagine the wine’s weight and mouth fullness as we taste it. We analyze the wine either light-bodied, medium bodied or full-bodied.

A Fruity Wine’s

Fruity wine’s are the ones which are ripped and intense, they depend on the climate condition, different kinds of grape. The fruitiness and ripeness of the wine can be identified by smelling, which is in the term of the fruit aroma and the fruits richness, thickness and tender. When we have white wine, we have the note of citrus flavour smell and when we taste we feel the tart lemon taste. When it comes to red wine, we notice the red berry color and aroma , after tasting the wine we get dark strong taste like blackberry and cherry fruity.


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