Review of "Where You Going, Where Have You Been"

The story “Where You Going, Where have You Been”, written by Joyce Carol Oates is a very interesting story. It’s well detailed and descriptive, and it also keeps you wondering about what’s going to happen next. We learn, feel, and get confused about things at the same time Connie does.

First off, Connie is an ordinary fifteen year old girl who lives in an American Suburb. She’s one who is described to be very “full of herself” and usually dress as if she’s older than what she are.

She also is attractive to many boys. She doesn’t really get along with her sister or her mother because they think she’s prettier than them. She likes to hangout with her friends, listen to music and watch television all the time. One day, Connie and her friends snuck to a restaurant where the older guys like to hang. At the diner, she met a guy name Eddie.

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When Connie and Eddie was getting ready to leave, she made eye contact with this creepy guy that kept looking at her. The guy told her that he was going to get her, but she ignored him.

One day, Connie’s family left her home alone because she didn’t want to go with them, and an unknown mysterious car pulled in her driveway. In the car there two guys. The driver got out and introduced himself as “Arnold Friend” and the passenger, his friend “Ellie”. Arnold was the creepy guy that Connie had ran into the diner, but she didn’t remember him.

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Arnold tries to convince Connie to come go for a ride with him but she refuses. At this point, Connie is intrigued and even amused by this stranger in her driveway. She remained in her doorway the whole time he talked to her. As time passes by, Arnold is still trying to get Connie to get in the car but she still refuses. Eventually Connie becomes scared and wants to call the police, but Arnold threatens to hurt her family if she does. When Connie picked up the phone, Arnold convinced her that the only way to save her family was to come with him.

Connie finally decided to go outside where Arnold was. She finally had given up the fight and is now willing to submit to him. In my opinion, this story portrays how women allow themselves to be defined by men in their lives. I think that Arnold tried her like that because once again, Connie was an attractive girl, plus he saw her where the older guys hangout at. The author probably is trying to show how men view women as just a “sexual object”. Arnold didn’t even know Connie personally for him to be so “in love” with her. When Connie asked Arnold what was he going to do to her, he replied “Just two things, or maybe three. But I promise it won’t last long”. To me, Arnold probably was referring to a sexual way. Altogether, this was a really good short story with very interesting points. The story kept me entertained and curious to see what was going to happen next. Many parts seem to symbolize the oppression of women, and Connie represents women in our society. Arnold on the other hand, represents men and their attitude towards women.

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