Review of Wall E Animated Movie

Wall-E is a form of an animated sci-fi movie which was directed by Andrew Stanton and produced by Pixar in 2008. Wall-E is another effective movie from Pixar, the guys who have used an art out of enfolding adult styles in childish humorousness and coming out with films that connect both aspects. The film inspires the motivation of audience imagination by showing extreme images produced by a computer system, and through application of its 2 main characters who are robots, the film still handle to express a broad collection of human feelings.

Wall-E is set in the early times when the background is empty, covered in garbage and barren (Trimble et. al. 14). This sort of setting in this film lays the foundation for its environmental message. Singing and dancing is applied in most parts of the movie and this aid to produce the lovable relationship in between the 2 primary characters. As the story of the motion picture exposes, the audience discovers out that the commercial people abandoned the earth for several years ago, and left the fate of the world in the hands of robotics such as Wall-E, who has a mission to tidy up the environment (Deborah et.

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al. 15).

The basic strategy of this movie follows the explorations of a robot by the name Wall-E, which means “Waste Allocation Load Lifter-Earth class” made by the Buy”N”Large Corporation. This robot spends his days squashing the infinite piles of trash that have expended New York City, effortlessly piling the trash into towers that are sarcastic reminders of the past human inhabitants (Trimble et.

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al. 14). It is soon discovered that there was no human left on earth and robots are the main occupants. The humans themselves have displaced the toxic and trashed Earth for a spaceship habitat like Eden referred as the Axiom, where they devote their days drinking meals out a cup and lounging on floating relaxed chairs. Wall-E is the most recent functioning robot of his kind on earth and the early humans who left earth prearranged to return once the jobs of robots were done, however, seemingly it has been countless years since they left thus the ground is still trashed (Deborah et. al. 9). Things change extremely for Wall-E the day Eve, a robot sent from the human spaceship to examine for signs of life on earth, shows up. She is futuristic, slick and quite noticeably a girl who steals the heart of Wall-E. Eve eventually becomes friend to Wall-E and this is shown in his love of the movie “Hello Dolly!” to adore her and embrace her hand.

Attempting to excite the casually, present Eve, Wall-E displays her the seedling he found, at which idea EVE goes into a hibernation state. She incubates the plant and closes down until the spaceship takes her back. Meanwhile, Wall-E cannot tolerate the status of his beloved Eve and catches a ride into space to protect her. In the spaceship, Wall-E meets the humans, who are so big such that they never leave their floating spaces. The humans apply all day long curving up to their videophones and by no means stop to exchange words to one another. Eve offers the plant to the captain of the ship, and the ship is thought to come back on Earth to permit the humans to relocate it (Deborah et. al. 21). Nonetheless, Wall-E must assist the captain to prevail the auto-pilot computer of the ship, which does not tend to direct the humans to come back on earth. The film concludes with humans returning to earth, besides Eve and Wall-E get to be composed in the reestablished and attractive environment.

A story centering on a silent robot could be unappealing and unemotional but Wall-E is an active film which guarantee lively appeal and depiction of emotions to the audience. Nevertheless, Wall-E makes a significant discovery that suggests hope of restoration to the alienated human race. One of the main impressions in this film is that the audience can comprehend everything with application of simple images only. With so uncommon dialogues, the audience fascinate and feels very strong emotions while watching this movie. The innovativeness of an animated science fiction film, assorted with the sentimental charm of a silent love movie, generates an enjoyable puzzling effect for the audience who can then reason about all the suggestions of the Wall-E narrative. The movie appears to depict the relationship between human and nature gone wrong thus providing an instance of how to reestablish an affectionate relationship as Wall-E assists the humans return home. Wall-E attempts to convince its audience of the significance of preserving our environment, yet the movie continues to apply its storytelling to persuade its audience, rather than explicit call and statements for powerful environmental action. The brilliant simplicity of the film mechanism is to endorse a return to an esteeming universe (Trimble et. al. 25).

The environmental message of the film is unescapable, and moderately challenges audience with the current environmental challenges. Moreover, the current popularity of this movie establishes that the general public admits and relishes movies that have environmental depictions. In an affirmation towards the normal green effort, this movie seems to assume that its audience already accept the consequences of our actions on the surroundings (Trimble et. al. 14). Wall-E turns upon this mutual foundation with its audience and efforts to make green living a natural part of life. Wall-E does not reflect past efforts to prove its point but takes a new approach to persuading audiences of the need of the green movement. With the green movement becoming more ordinary in the current society, it is significant to study movies with environmental themes. This first plot of this movie represents first attempt of Stanton at criticizing the present lifestyle of human beings. It reminds the audience that the beautiful planet may end up in a severe state of pollution that could no longer permit for proper conditions of life (Deborah et. al. 15).

Elsewhere in Axiom, the application of technology have been well displayed whereby the actual owners of the Earth are utilizing their times drinking meals out of cups and relishing the essence of sedentary way of life. Technology is shown to take care of all the work and this brings an enquiry of to what level the responsibility of technology should be extended in the future. Certainly, due to the industrial and economic growth caused by all kinds of technical advancement, Earth can no longer withstand life. Due to the irresponsibility of mankind, contamination had infected the water, and no effective step was taken before it occurred. Instead, Buy ‘N’ Large Corporation came up with a solution founded on another application of technology which exile humans using a spaceship then have the Earth reestablished by robots (Deborah et. al. 39). Consequently, technology has been depicted with ability to make life an appropriate practice to humanity. The issue of relying too much on technology could result to an established society such as the one described in Wall-E, where robots such as Eve and Wall-E essentially have more humanistic abilities than the humans themselves who turn into robots. This is a very positive fact on Science and Technology, everything considered, even though the entire film depicts a very distrustful view of the future. The movie conveys us back to how mankind should apply science and technology as a tool instead of an objective.

Moreover, the producer of the movie does not hesitate to support Christianity by incorporating Christian messages even by applying the name of one of the characters to depict Christian themes. In the beginning, Wall-E is lonely but meanwhile, Eve, whose name spell similar to the Eve of the bible, arrives and gives company to lonely Wall-E (Trimble et. al. 43). This is the same way God created Eve to accompany lonely Adam. Although the main description of this film is to show how humans abandoned and mistreated Earth, the message the producer wants to convey is a reproach on lack of gratitude for God’s creation. In addition, the movie reminds humans that earth is a gift from God and human beings should preserve it instead of taking it for granted.


Wall-E is a perfect movie since it apply non-human personalities to draw the audience in to its friendly environmental message. The movie applies the knowledge of ecology to depict that if it will act to safeguard earth again, it can still be used to repair it. The producer makes it to be more interesting through application of much imagery which attracts the attention of the audience. Basically, it is a narrative about saving the tiny things and treasuring the world you live in, regardless of how damaged its surface might appear.


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